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THE DREAM OF A DREAMER, by                    
First Line: Last night I dreamed that I
Last Line: Of one whose soul is dead
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers;dreams;night; Nightmares;bedtime

LAST night I dreamed that I
Ruled over all the land —
Held all 'twixt earth and sky
In the hollow of my hand;
I dreamed I ruled the beasts,
Likewise the birds in air —
Ships, mills and mines and men
I governed everywhere.

Kings yielded to my sway,
And fawning princes came
To ask my favor, and
The whole world knew my name;
My trains rushed o'er the plains,
My ships rode on the sea,
The toiling millions all
Paid tribute unto me.

Yet woe was in my breast,
For in my dream, alas!
I sat and gazed upon
My image in a glass,
And saw that o'er my face,
Once boyish, there had spread
The cold and ghastly look
Of one whose soul is dead.

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