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THE HISTORY LESSON, by                    
First Line: There was a monkey climbed up a tree
Last Line: "there was a navy went into spain, / when it returned, it came again"
Subject(s): Children; Childhood

THERE WAS a monkey climbed up a tree
When he fell down, then down fell he.
There was a crow sat on a stone,
When he was gone, then there was none,
There was an old wife did eat an apple,
When she had eat two, she had eat a couple.
There was a horse going to the mill,
When he went on, he stood not still.
There was a butcher cut his thumb,
When it did bleed, then blood did come.
There was a lackey ran a race
When he ran fast he ran apace.
There was a cobbler clouting shoon,
When they were mended, they were done.
There was a chandler making candle,
When he them strip, he did them handle.
There was a navy went into Spain,
When it returned, it came again.

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