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THE LOST MOMENTS OF A. DALMAS, by                    
First Line: The solemn bell for me is tolling
Last Line: "dalmas, you must prepare to go"
Subject(s): Bells;capital Punishment;crimes & Criminals;grief; Hanging;executions;death Penalty;sorrow;sadness

The solemn bell for me is tolling,
Oh, how awful is the knell,
A voice on me it seems is calling,
Dalmas bid the world farewell.
Your days on earth alas are numbered,
Here you can no longer stay,
For your crimes you have to answer
On the great and judgment day.

I was brought up by honest parents,
In France, where many know the same,
And when I reached the days of manhood
Straight to England I came,
Where I lived in ease and comfort,
Respected well as may be seen.
That I should die a wretched murderer,
I alas! did never dream.

On the Jail of sad Horsemonger,
I must prove an awful sight,
My very soul is now tormented,
I see before me day and night
The image of that murdered woman,
Who with a deadly knife I slew --
Overcome with care and anguish,
Oh whatever shall I do?

A last adieu, my dearest daughters,
With you I can no longer stay,
I have received the dreadful summons,
And, alas! I must obey.
I slew one night Mrs. Macfarlane,
For which, alas! I do deplore,
Then went away and left her
Weltering in her crimson gore.

Pray for me my dearest daughters,
Unto Him Who reigns on high,
And oh, forgive your wretched father
Who on Monday next must die
For slaying of Mrs. Macfarlane,
A spectacle of dread and shame,
Exposed to the gaze of thousands,
On the dread Horsemonger Lane.

Oh, God above look down in pity,
Can you mercy show a wretch like me
For slaying of an innocent woman,
On the bridge, near Battersea,
The dreadful moments are approaching,
I am borne down with grief and woe,
I think I hear the hangman calling,
Dalmas, you must prepare to go.

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