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"THE PETTIFOGGERS, SELS.", by                    
First Line: "in ancient days, when times were good"
Last Line: "of pettifoggers, all to cozen"
Subject(s): Law & Lawyers

In ancient Days, when Times were good,
And Men lov'd Peace and Neighborhood,
When all with one another bore,
None were deem'd either Rogue or Whore;
No Frauds, Deceits, nor Under-dealing,
Nor Publick Thefts, no Private Stealing,
No Jars, nor Discords, e'er were known,
In City, or in Country Town;
Then was Old England free, at least,
From Lawyers as from Rav'nous Beast.
But since those Times, the Case is alter'd,
(Tho' Pettifoggers none are Halter'd)
For now in ev'ry Town and Village,
There Ply alas! A Baker's dozen
Of Pettifoggers, all to Cozen.

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