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THE RABBI'S PRESENT, by                    
First Line: "a rabbi once, by all admired"
Last Line: And so by chance thought all the others
Subject(s): Clergy;jews; Priests;rabbis;ministers;bishops;judaism

A RABBI once, by all admired,
Received, of high esteem the sign
From those his goodness thus inspired,
A present of a cask of wine.
But lo! when soon he came to draw,
A miracle in mode as rapid
But quite unlike what Cana saw,
Had turned his wine to water vapid.
The Rabbi never knew the cause,
For miracles are things of mystery;
Though some like this have had their laws
Explained from facts of private history.
His friends, whom love did aptly teach,
Wished all to share the gracious task,
So planned to bring a bottle each,
And pour their wine in one great cask.
Now one by chance thought, "None will know,
And with the wine of all my brothers
One pint of water well may go;"
And so by chance thought all the others.

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