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THE TREE GOD PLANTS, by                    
First Line: The wind that blows can never kill
Last Line: Forever grows
Subject(s): Growth;plants;trees; Planting;planters

THE wind that blows can never kill
The tree God plants;
It bloweth east, it bloweth west,
The tender leaves have little rest,
But any wind that blows is best;
The tree God plants
Strikes deeper root, grows higher still,
Spreads wider boughs, for God's good will
Meets all its wants.

There is no frost hath power to blight
The tree God shields;
The roots are warm beneath soft snows,
And when Spring comes it surely knows,
And every bud to blossom grows.
The tree God shields
Grows on apace by day and night,
Till, sweet to taste and fair to sight,
Its fruit it yields.

There is no storm hath power to blast
The tree God knows;
No thunderbolt, nor beating rain,
Nor lightning flash, nor hurricane,
When they are spent it doth remain.
The tree God knows
Through every tempest standeth fast,
And from its first day to its last
Still fairer grows.

If in the soul's still garden-place
A seed God sows —
A little seed — it soon will grow
And far and near all men will know,
For Heavenly lands He bids it blow.
A seed God sows,
And up it springs by day and night;
Through life, through death it groweth right,
Forever grows.

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