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THE WHIRLPOOL, by                    
First Line: He was caught in the whirlpool of dismay
Last Line: "it will give you the courage to meet face to face, / the changeable whirlpool of life"
Subject(s): Courage; Valor;bravery

He was caught in the whirlpool of dismay
By a thoughtless remark he had said;
He had injured a friend in a nonchalant way,
And the love they had cherished lay dead.
To his mirror he went, in its glass to confide,
And his face was both haggard and pale,
And he asked of the glass, "Should I swallow the pride
That is pinning me down like a nail?
Should I go to my friend with remorse on my face,
A remorse that I honestly feel?
Should I beg him this whirlpool of shame to erase,
In a soul-stirring voice of appeal?"
"As your heart so dictates," said a voice from the glass,
"I advise you to follow its path,
And remember 'twill pay you to keep off the grass,
That is bordered with ill words and wrath."
So he went to his friend and he asked most sincere,
To be taken again to his heart
And the whirlpool of friendship once more does endear
Those friends who had drifted apart.

If there's someone you know, whom you treated that way,
And your heart is both heavy and blue,
Seek and find him again without further delay,
Don't wait until he comes to you.
You'll find that the whirlpool of Love will replace,
Every misunderstanding and strife.
It will give you the courage to meet face to face,
The changeable Whirlpool of Life.

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