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TIT FOR TAT, by                    
First Line: Combien m'aimez-vous?
Last Line: "'fairest maid in all the land, @3soi psanai dinam ou@1'"
Subject(s): Love - Cultural Differences

"COMBIEN m'aimez-vous?"
Ah! the whispered words so sweet,
As, kneeling at my darling's feet,
I told the tale of love so true.

An answer did I vainly sue:
Looking down in mild surprise,
Laughter rippling in her eyes, --
"Combien m'aimez-vous?"

Not a word of French I knew;
But her lovely, blushing face,
Downcast eyes, and simple grace
Furnished me at once a clew.

Quickly back the answer flew
From me, as I kissed her hand,
"Fairest maid in all the land,
soi psanai dinam ou"

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