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"UPON MR. SHERIDAN'S TURNING AUTHOR, 1716", by                    
First Line: My landlord has a little pad
Last Line: You tommy cease to write
Subject(s): "sheridan, Thomas (1687-1738);

My landlord has a little pad
Can amble for a mile or so;
Just fit for bum of ancient dad,
What horse one mile can better go?

But add a second to the first,
He straight begins to change his gait;
No horse than Ball can be more cursed;
Beware, old landlord, of your seat.

Thus like my landlord's little horse,
You the first mile of life did run,
With ease could amble in discourse;
But when you writ, you were undone.

Now, Ball and Tommy, pause a while
And mark what I indite:
You Ball shall only ride a mile;
You Tommy cease to write.

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