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PAN ASLEEP, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: He half unearthed the titans with his voice
Alternate Author Name(s): Field, Michael (with Edith Emma Cooper)

He half unearthed the Titans with his voice,
The Stars are leaves before his windy riot;
The spheres a little shake; but see, of choice,
How closely he wraps up in hazel quiet.
And while he sleeps the bees are numbering
The fox-glove flowers from base to sealed tip
Till fond, they doze upon his slumbering,
And smear with honey his wide, smiling lip.
He may not be disturbed: it is the hour
That to his deepest solitude belongs;
The unfrighted reed opens to noontide flower,
And poets hear him sing their lyric songs,
While the Arcadian hunter, baffled, hot,
Scourges his Statue in its ivy-grot.

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