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DEATH, by                    
First Line: Uncover for the majesty of death

UNCOVER for the majesty of Death,
Whose icy hand has swept across this life
And laid it low;

Crush back the tears, and hold the sobbing breath
In silent awe, for he lies here who saith
Farewell to woe .

A moment, and he was our very own;
But passion prayed, and wept, and clung in vain;
Step backwards now ,

Give Death his place, he conquers here alone;
'Tis his we see, and ours the spirit flown.
Kneel at his feet, for kings our homage take,
Kneel at his feet, but knock not at his gate;
Give him his own .

Keep silence still, we have no power to wake
Our best beloved. Death's arms do not forsake.
Sleep,-is that sleep?
The great wings close around,
The lips are sealed in calm unanswering peace;
Bow low our heads,
And let Death's conquering wind the silence sound
Over life's sea where lies our mourning drowned.

Uncover. We shall have all time to weep ,
A whole life long to make our piteous moan;
Stand as befits,-the awful silence keep,
And let God's angel guard the mystery deep.

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