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First Line: Here I am in a polar paradise

A gentle story of two lovers young,
Who met in innocence and died in sorrow,
And of their subtile wooing stuff is sung
In country parlance and the green-wood borrow;
How each with each had wedded bliss untried,
Unravished by rude worldling's evil eye,
And how, in maiden confidence, the bride
Had confided to her lord a prophecy,
How there was one who coveted the maid,
And sought to win her to an evil end,
With whom in horror and dismay she fled,
And, claspt in true love's fond embrace, sought friend
In the near city; but was seized by him
Who lurked in fiendish guile within the shade,
And bore her off to some unsanctioned whim,
The fate and whereabouts of the hapless maid
Unknown and lost;--an unsubstantial tale
Of superstitious times and manners old,
Importing symbol wise, and those who fail
To read aright may read it and be bold
To construe for themselves this simple trope,
Or fathom the intent in which I spoke.

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