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First Line: Yon moored mackerel fleet

Yon moored mackerel fleet
Hangs thick as a swarm of bees,
Or a clustering village street
Foundatlonless built on the seas.

The mariners ply their craft,
Each set in his castle frail;
His care is all for the draught,
And he dries the rain-beaten sail.

For rain came down in the night,
And thunder muttered full oft,
But now the azure is bright,
And hawks are wheeling aloft.

I take the land to my breast,
In her coat with daisies fine;
For me are the hills in their best,
And all that's made is mine.

Sing high! " Though the red sun dip,
There yet is a day for me;
Nor youth I count for a ship
That long ago foundered at sea.

Did the lost love die and depart?
Many times since we have met;
For I hold the years in my heart,
And all that was - is yet.

I grant to the king his reign;
Let us yield him homage due;
But over the lands there are twain,
O king, I must rule as you.

I grant to the wise his meed,
But his yoke I will not brook,
For God taught ME to read
He lent me the world for a book."

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