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OH, NO, WE NEVER MENTION HER', by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Love spake to me and said

"Love spake to me and said:
'Oh, lips, be mute;
Let that one name be dead,
That memory flown and fled,
Untouched that lute!
Go forth,' said Love, 'with willow in thy hand,
And in thy hair
Dead blossoms wear,
Blown from the sunless land.
"'Go forth,' said Love; 'thou never more shalt see
Her shadow glimmer by the trysting tree;
But she is glad,
With roses crowned and clad,
Who hath forgotten thee!'
But I made answer: 'Love!
Tell me no more thereof,
For she has drunk of that same cup as I.
Yea, though her eyes be dry,
She garners there for me
Tears salter than the sea,
Even till the day she die.'
So gave I Love the lie."

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