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LITTLE BLACK-HAIRED ROSE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: O, bitter woe, that we must go, across the sea!
Last Line: Fear not, nor think you e'er can sink, my dark roisin!

O, bitter woe, that we must go, across the sea!
O, grief of griefs, that Lords and Chiefs, their homes must flee!
A tyrant-band o'erruns the land, this land so green,
And, though we grieve, we still must leave, our Dark Roisin!

My darling Dove, my Life, my Love, to me so dear,
Once torn apart from you, my heart will break,
I fear, O, golden Flower of Beauty's bower!
O, radiant Queen! I mourn in bonds; my soul desponds; my Dark Roisin!

In hope and joy, while yet a boy, I wooed my bride;
I sought not pelf; I sought herself, and nought beside,
But health is flown, ' tis old I'm grown; and, though I ween
My heart will break, I must forsake my Dark Roisin!

The fairest Fair you ever were; the peerless Maid;
For bards and priests your daily feasts were richly laid.
Amid my dole, on you my soul still loves to lean,
Though I must brave the stormy wave, my Dark Roisin!

In years gone by, how you and I seemed glad and blest!
My wedded wife, you cheered my life, you warmed my breast!
The fairest one the living sun e'er decked with sheen,
The brightest rose that buds or blows, is Dark Roisin!

My guiding Star of Hope you are, all glow and grace,
My blooming Love, my Spouse above all Adam's race;
In deed or thought you cherish nought of low or mean;
The base alone can hate my own-my Dark Roisin!

O, never mourn as one forlorn, but bide your hour;
Your friends ere long, combined and strong, will prove their power.
From distant Spain will sail a train to change the scene
That makes you sad, for one more glad, my Dark Roisin!

Till then, adieu! my Fond and True! adieu, till then!
Though now you grieve, still, still believe we'll meet again; I
'll yet return, with hopes that burn, and broad- sword keen;
Fear not, nor think you e'er can sink, my Dark Roisin!

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