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POET BEWAILETH HIS ILL LUCK IN HAVING CONTRACTED THE DEBT OF...., by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: I weep as I recall the day my dun
Last Line: For nothing but to-go to bed, and-die!

I weep as I recall the day my Dun
Lent me those fatal Three Half-Crowns: he stood
A full half-hour in shilly-shallying mood
Poising them in his hand, and - one by one -
Counting them o'er, as first he had begun.
Even then I saw no human likelihood
Of my repaying them - and I still see none.
Small wonder, therefore, if I sometimes brood
With bitter tears over my dismal fate,
Besonnetizing and bewailing it,
Loathing my food, which at such seasons I
Exert myself in vain to masticate,
And suffering in such style as makes me fit
For nothing but to - go to bed, and - die!

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