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MOUNTAIN SPRITE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: In yonder valley there dwelt, alone
Alternate Author Name(s): Little, Thomas
Subject(s): Fairies

IN yonder valley there dwelt, alone ,
A youth, whose moments had calmly flown,
Till spells came o'er him, and, day and night,
He was haunted and watched by a Mountain Sprite.

As once, by moonlight, he wander'd o'er
The golden sands of that island shore,
A foot-print sparkled before his sight -
Twas the fairy foot of the Mountain Sprite!

Beside a fountain, one sunny day,
As bending over the stream he lay,
There peeped down o'er him two eyes of light,
And he saw in that mirror the Mountain Sprite.

He turned, but , lo , like a startled bird,
That spirit fled! -and the youth but heard
Sweet music, such as marks the flight
Of some bird of song, from the Mountain Sprite.

One night, still haunted by that bright look,
The boy, bewildered , his pencil took,
And, guided only by memory's light,
Drew the once-seen form of the Moun tain Sprite.

Oh thou, who lovest the shadow, cried
A voice, low whispering by his side,
Now turn and see, - here the youth's delight
Sealed the rosy lips of the Mountain Sprite.

Of all the Spirits of land and sea,
Then rapt he murmured, "there's none like thee, "
And oft, oh oft, may thy foot thus light "

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