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CALL TO THE COW PONIES, by             Poem Explanation         Poet's Biography
First Line: They sent us from coorong and cooper
Alternate Author Name(s): Ogilvie, Will Henry
Subject(s): Animals; Horses

They sent us from Coorong and Cooper
The pick of the Wallaby Track
To serve us as gunner and trooper,
To serve us as charger and hack;
From Budgeribar to Blanchewater
They rifled the guns of the West,
That whatever his fate in the slaughter,
A man might ride home on the best.

We dealt with the distant Dominion,
We bought in the far Argentine;
The worth of our buyers ' opinion
Is proved to the hilt in the line;
The Clydes from the edge of the heather,
The Shires from the heart of the grass,
And the Punches are pulling together
The guns where the conquerors pass.

So come with us, buckskin and sorrel,
And come with us , skewbald and bay:
Your country's girth-deep in the quarrel,
Your honor is roped to the fray;
Where flanks of your comrades are foaming
'Neath saddle and trace-chain and band,
We look for the kings of Wyoming
To speak for the sage-brush and sand.

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