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TO THE LAIRD, by                    
First Line: Dear laird, ye're comin' up the brae
Alternate Author Name(s): Haliburton, Hugh

DEAR laird, ye're comin' up the brae
As lang's gude weather haulds?
Ye're surely welcome to a day
Amang your ain sheep-faulds.

If caller air, an' caperin' lamb,
An' knowes o' noddin' green,
Wi' noo an' then a social dram
Or twa-haund crack atween;

The food wher'on your fathers fared,
Agirdle scone an' cheese
Ye're freely welcome to them, laird,
If thae hae power to please;

But if your craig maun hae its waucht
O' wines I canna name,-
They're no' within a shepherd's aucht:
Ye'd better bide at hame.

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