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Author: alcott, amos
Matches Found: 16

Alcott, Amos Bronson    Poet's Biography
16 poems available by this author

APPROACHING GOD    Poem Text    
First Line: When thou appproachest to the one
Subject(s): God

BARTOL    Poem Text    
First Line: Poet of the pulpit, whose full-chorded lyre
Last Line: I glory in thy genius, and take hope!
Subject(s): Bartol, Cyrus Augustus (1813-1900)

CHANNING    Poem Text    
First Line: Channing! My mentor whilst my thought was young
Last Line: O realize his pentecostal dream!
Subject(s): Channing, William Ellery (1780-1842)

EMERSON    Poem Text    
First Line: Misfortune to have lived not knowing thee!
Last Line: A scholar in thy university.
Subject(s): Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882)

EXCELLENCE    Poem Text    
First Line: Where is that good, which wise men please to call

FRIENDSHIP    Poem Text    
First Line: Nor elsewise man shall fellow meet
Subject(s): Friendship; Transcendentalism

GARRISON    Poem Text    
First Line: Freedom's first champion in our fettered land
Last Line: Survived, -- its ruin and our peace to see.
Subject(s): Emancipation Movement & Proclamation; Freedom; Garrison, William Lloyd (1805-1879); Antislavery Movement - United States; Liberty

HAWTHORNE    Poem Text    
First Line: Romancer, far more coy than that coy sex!
Last Line: Whilst 'neath our pines thou feignest deathlike sleep?
Variant Title(s): Sonnet: 19
Subject(s): Hawthorne, Nathaniel (1804-1864)

MAN    Poem Text    
First Line: He omnipresent is
Subject(s): Transcendentalism

MARGARET FULLER    Poem Text    
First Line: Thou, sibyl rapt! Whose sympathetic soul
Last Line: And the great heart that loved the brave and free.
Subject(s): Fuller, Margaret (1810-1850)

MATTER    Poem Text    
First Line: Out of the chaos dawns in sight
Subject(s): Transcendentalism

SEER'S RATIONS    Poem Text    
First Line: Takes sunbeams, spring waters
Subject(s): Transcendentalism

SONNET: 14    Poem Text    
First Line: Not wordsworth's genius, pestalozzi's love
Last Line: As at their birth the heavenly choirs do sing
Subject(s): Poetry And Poets; Wordsworth, William (1770-1850)

SONNET: 18    Poem Text    
First Line: Adventurous mariner! In who gray skiff
Last Line: In diverse meanings, and shrewd subtlety, %that pass quaint donne, and even shakespeare wise
Subject(s): More, Henry (1614-1687)

THOREAU    Poem Text    
First Line: Who nearer nature's life would truly come
Last Line: "be true as these, if ye would be more wise."
Subject(s): Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862)

First Line: People's attorney, servant of the right
Last Line: Impartial history dare not leave thee out.
Subject(s): Emancipation Movement & Proclamation; Freedom; Phillips, Wendell (1811-1884); Antislavery Movement - United States; Liberty