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Author: cummings, e
Matches Found: 814

Cummings, Edward Estlin    Poet's Biography
Alternate Author Name(s): Cummings, E. E.
813 poems available by this author

&: SEVEN POEMS: 1       
First Line: I will be
Last Line: A m oo %)n

&: SEVEN POEMS: 2       
First Line: I'll tell you a dream I had once I was away up in the
Last Line: )with your head.All big

&: SEVEN POEMS: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: Spring is like a perhaps hand
Subject(s): Spring

&: SEVEN POEMS: 3       
First Line: Spring is like a perhaps hand
Last Line: Without breaking anything
Subject(s): Spring

&: SEVEN POEMS: 4       
First Line: Who threw the silver dollar up into the tree? I didn't
Last Line: And the moon %smiled %,so

&: SEVEN POEMS: 5       
First Line: Gee I like to think of dead it means nearer because deeper
Last Line: And rosebugs I do

&: SEVEN POEMS: 6       
First Line: (one!)
Last Line: A:whispering drunkard passes

&: SEVEN POEMS: 7       
First Line: Who knows if the moon's
Last Line: In love and flowers pick themselves
Subject(s): Imagination


1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 1       
First Line: Nonsun blob a
Last Line: Here or on earth

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 10    Poem Text    
First Line: A politician is an arse upon
Subject(s): Hate; Politics & Government

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 10       
First Line: A politician is an arse upon
Last Line: Which everyone has sat except a man
Subject(s): Hate; Politics

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 11       
First Line: Mr u will not be missed
Last Line: Not excluding mr u

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 12       
First Line: It was a goodly co
Subject(s): War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 12       
First Line: It was a goodly co
Last Line: To the god of things like they err
Subject(s): War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 13    Poem Text    
First Line: Plato told
Variant Title(s): Warnings Unheeded
Subject(s): World War Ii; Second World War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 13       
First Line: Plato told
Last Line: El;in the top of his head:to tell %him
Variant Title(s): Warnings Unheede
Subject(s): World War Ii

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 14    Poem Text    
First Line: Pity this busy monster, manunkind
Subject(s): Environment; Environmental Protection; Ecology; Conservation

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 14       
First Line: Pity this busy monster, manunkind
Last Line: Of a good universe next door; let's go
Subject(s): Environment

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 15       
First Line: ('fire stop thief help murder save the world'
Last Line: While his pines lifted their green lives and smiled

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 16       
First Line: One's not half two. It's two are halves of one
Last Line: All lose,whole find

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 17       
First Line: One(floating)arrive
Last Line: Illimatably grow

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 18       
First Line: As any(men's hells having wrestled with
Last Line: The breathing for me while I am away?

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 19       
First Line: When you are silent,shining host by guest
Last Line: Out of tremendous darkness into air

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 20    Poem Text    
First Line: What if a much of a which of a wind
Subject(s): Judgment Day; War; End Of The World; Doomsday; Fall Of Man

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 20       
First Line: What if a much of a which of a wind
Last Line: The most who die, the more we live
Subject(s): Judgment Day; War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 21       
First Line: Dead every enormous piece
Last Line: By the five nevers of a lear

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 22       
First Line: No man,if men are gods;but if gods must
Last Line: To hold a mountain's heartbeat in his hand

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 23       
First Line: Love is a spring at which
Last Line: Deeper than heaven is hell

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 24       
First Line: (once like a spark
Last Line: (and so to dark

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 25       
First Line: What over and which under
Last Line: Beautiful most is now

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 26       
First Line: When god decided to invent
Last Line: Smashed it into because

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 27       
First Line: Old mr ly
Last Line: A funeral %eyes %'big %thing'

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 28       
First Line: Rain or hail
Last Line: Laid him down. %sleep well

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 29       
First Line: Let it go - the
Last Line: Dear so comes love

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 3       
First Line: It's over a (see just
Last Line: Big sound on the ground

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 30       
First Line: Hello is what a mirror says
Last Line: True wars are never won

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 31       
First Line: A-
Last Line: Am than imagine

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 32       
First Line: I've come to ask you if there isn't a
Last Line: But' her,my 'love creates love only' our

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 33       
First Line: Open green those
Last Line: Upward each first flower %of two

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 34       
First Line: Nothing false and possible is love
Last Line: Only we our least begin to guess

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 35       
First Line: Except in your
Last Line: (and rest,my love) %honour

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 36       
First Line: True lovers in each happening of their hearts
Last Line: All shall,their eyes would never miss a yes

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 37       
First Line: We love each other very dearly ,more
Last Line: Each heartbeat which I am alive to kiss

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 38       
First Line: Yes is a pleasant country
Last Line: (and april's where we're

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 39    Poem Text    
First Line: All ignorance toboggans into know
Subject(s): War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 39       
First Line: All ignorance toboggans into know
Last Line: We'll move away still further: into now
Subject(s): War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 4       
First Line: Of all the blessings which to man
Last Line: And couldn't use a mind
Variant Title(s): Poe

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 40       
First Line: Darling!Because my blood can sing
Last Line: Trees tumble out of twigs and sticks

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 41       
First Line: How
Last Line: S whi %(mystrious %ly)te %one %t %hou

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 42       
First Line: Might these be thrushes climbing through almost(do they
Last Line: Life's life and strikes my your our blossoming sphere

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 43       
First Line: If(among
Last Line: ,we are spring

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 44       
First Line: These(whom;pretends
Last Line: So sky so %.Wish

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 45       
First Line: I think you like'
Last Line: My home ionian isles

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 46       
First Line: Open your heart
Last Line: Perfect silence. %absolute ocean

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 47       
First Line: Until and I heard
Last Line: Bright cry of alive with a trill %like until

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 48       
First Line: So isn't small one littlest why
Last Line: Every because is murdered twice

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 49       
First Line: Trees were in(give
Last Line: Re sunlight of %oneness

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 5       
First Line: Spuints a blond
Last Line: Is much too busy sitting the horse

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 50       
First Line: Which is the very
Last Line: Is love and neverless

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 51       
First Line: Sweet spring is your
Last Line: And viva sweet love'

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 52       
First Line: Life is more true than reason will deceive
Last Line: -but beauty is more now than dying's when
Subject(s): War

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 53       
First Line: O by the by
Last Line: Me why people let go

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 54       
First Line: If everything happens that can't be done
Last Line: We're wonderful one times one

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 6       
First Line: My(his from daughter's mother's zero mind
Last Line: With a weakness for living literature 'loyaltea'

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 7       
First Line: Yguduh
Last Line: Duhsivileyezum

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 8       
First Line: Applaws
Last Line: (a paw s

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 9    Poem Text    
First Line: A salesman is an it that stinks excuse
Subject(s): Hate; Salespersons; Selling

1X1 (ONE TIMES ONE): 9       
First Line: A salesman is an it that stinks excuse
Last Line: Or think we've met subhuman rights before
Subject(s): Hate; Salespersons

50 POEMS: 1       
First Line: !Blac
Last Line: A:;go %e %s wh %irll %n %.G

50 POEMS: 10       
First Line: Spoke joe to jack
Last Line: Darling I said

50 POEMS: 11       
First Line: Red-rag and pink-flag
Last Line: Nine months young

50 POEMS: 12       
First Line: (will you teach a
Last Line: Singing %in the snow

50 POEMS: 13       
First Line: Proud of his scientific attitude
Last Line: Ye!The godless are the dull and the dull are the damned

50 POEMS: 14       
First Line: The way to hump a cow is not
Last Line: Is hows to hump a cows

50 POEMS: 15       
First Line: Mrs
Last Line: Of afraid of)these(down pull & who'll %shades

50 POEMS: 16       
First Line: )when what hugs stopping earth than silent is
Last Line: Only one snowflake(and we speak our names

50 POEMS: 17       
First Line: Youful
Last Line: Blue %(sleep!New %girlgold

50 POEMS: 18       
First Line: Ecco a letter starting 'dearest we'
Last Line: Forever,and you'll wear your silver shoes

50 POEMS: 19       
First Line: There is a here and
Last Line: Are am(beyond when behind where under %un

50 POEMS: 2       
First Line: Fl
Last Line: Ng with me %n more o %n than in the %m

50 POEMS: 20       
First Line: Harder perhaps than a newengland bed
Last Line: (with more simplicity than makes a world

50 POEMS: 21       
First Line: Six
Last Line: Flowers five flowers and all one is fire

50 POEMS: 22       
First Line: Nouns to nouns
Last Line: In sin %g %ular untheknowndulous s %pring

50 POEMS: 23       
First Line: A pretty a day
Last Line: Than doll. Doll

50 POEMS: 24       
First Line: These people socalled were not given hearts
Last Line: Become while every sun goes round its moon

50 POEMS: 25       
First Line: As freedom is a breakfastfood
Last Line: Just so long and long enough

50 POEMS: 26       
First Line: Wherelings whenlings
Last Line: Sometimes) %with north %over %the barn

50 POEMS: 27       
First Line: Buy me an ounce and I'll sell you a pound
Last Line: Boys) %here we come

50 POEMS: 28       
First Line: There are possibly 2 1/2 or impossibly 3
Last Line: E. S. T. Bring the kiddies let's all have fun

50 POEMS: 3       
First Line: If you can't eat you got to
Last Line: Let's go to sleep

50 POEMS: 30       
First Line: The silently little blue elephant shyly(he was terri
Last Line: The is all floatful and remembering

50 POEMS: 31       
First Line: Not time's how(anchored in what mountaining roots
Last Line: While children climb their eyes to touch his dream

50 POEMS: 32       
First Line: Newlys of silence
Last Line: Your breathing doll

50 POEMS: 33       
First Line: One slipslouch twi
Last Line: (eye kinely thank yoo

50 POEMS: 34    Poem Text    
First Line: My father moved through dooms of love
Subject(s): Consolation; Fathers

50 POEMS: 34       
First Line: My father moved through dooms of love
Last Line: Love is the whole and more than all
Subject(s): Consolation; Fathers

50 POEMS: 35       
First Line: You which could grin three smiles into a dead
Last Line: Your absolute courage with its legs and arms

50 POEMS: 36       
First Line: I say no world
Last Line: One I say human being)one %goldberger

50 POEMS: 37       
First Line: These children singing in stone a
Last Line: Of silent as stone silence of %song
Variant Title(s): These Children Singing In Stone

50 POEMS: 38       
First Line: Love is the every only god
Last Line: Any illimitable star

50 POEMS: 39       
First Line: Denied night's face
Last Line: The sun of whom

50 POEMS: 4       
First Line: Nobody loved this
Last Line: :never,no %(body. %nothing

50 POEMS: 40       
First Line: A peopleshaped toomany-ness far too
Last Line: The only living thing)and we'll make yes

50 POEMS: 41       
First Line: Up into the silence the green
Last Line: I)kiss me(will go

50 POEMS: 42       
First Line: Love is more thicker than forget
Last Line: Is higher than the sky
Subject(s): Love - Marital

50 POEMS: 43       
First Line: Hate blows a bubble of despair into
Last Line: Darling. And if I sing you are my voice

50 POEMS: 44       
First Line: Air
Last Line: St %anding %st %a.R

50 POEMS: 45       
First Line: Enters give
Last Line: To meet her why %she his because

50 POEMS: 46       
First Line: Green's d
Last Line: Infinite nothing %of %m %an

50 POEMS: 47       
First Line: (sitting in a tree
Last Line: Dance little joy %(shine most prayer

50 POEMS: 48       
First Line: Mortals
Last Line: Fall which now drop who all dreamlike %(im

50 POEMS: 49       
First Line: I am so glad and very
Last Line: I am through you so I

50 POEMS: 5       
First Line: Am was. Are leaves few this. Is these a or
Last Line: Much greenness only dying makes us grow
Subject(s): World War I

50 POEMS: 50       
First Line: What freedom's not some under's mere above
Last Line: Whole truthful infinite immediate us

50 POEMS: 6       
First Line: Flotsam and jetsam
Last Line: Are covered by lloyd's

50 POEMS: 7       
First Line: Moan
Last Line: Ing(danc)ing %wills&weres

50 POEMS: 8       
First Line: The noster was a ship of swank
Last Line: Including captain pater

50 POEMS: 9       
First Line: Warped this perhapsy
Last Line: Whic hbubble ssomethin %gabou tlov %e

73 POEMS: 1       
First Line: O the sun comes up-up-up in the opening
Last Line: Rowster shouts %rawroo

73 POEMS: 10       
First Line: Because it's
Last Line: & I(be %ca %us %e it's we

73 POEMS: 11       
First Line: Humble one(gifted with
Last Line: Sometimes called world)to sing

73 POEMS: 12       
First Line: Me up at does
Last Line: You wouldn't have

73 POEMS: 13       
First Line: O
Last Line: Someone(named %morning

73 POEMS: 14       
First Line: A great
Last Line: Of nameless %silence)sky

73 POEMS: 15       
First Line: At just 5 a
Last Line: Heaven or hell'

73 POEMS: 16       
First Line: E
Last Line: Ooms an eggyellow smear of wintry sunse %t

73 POEMS: 17       
First Line: N
Last Line: O %nce v %o %ices

73 POEMS: 18       
First Line: Nobody could in superhuman flights
Last Line: Eev mahmah hadn chuzd nogged id entwhys

73 POEMS: 19       
First Line: Everybody happy?
Last Line: Q:how numb can an unworld get? %a: number

73 POEMS: 2       
First Line: For any ruffian of the sky
Last Line: And looks and leaps upon the air

73 POEMS: 20       
First Line: Fearlessandbosomy
Last Line: Ysomethi %ng %(imagine) %with,pansies

73 POEMS: 21       
First Line: Why
Last Line: Right:my enemy %. Love

73 POEMS: 22       
First Line: Annie died the other day
Last Line: Youths and maidens:let us pray

73 POEMS: 23       
First Line: Nite
Last Line: E %am %e %xploding are(n't

73 POEMS: 24       
First Line: Insu nli gh t
Last Line: Onc %eup %ona %tim %e ne wsp aper

73 POEMS: 25       
First Line: A grim without a
Last Line: When %who %why %which %(or anything

73 POEMS: 26       
First Line: If seventy were young
Last Line: Dogooding folk on sight

73 POEMS: 27       
First Line: In heavenly realms of hellas dwelt
Last Line: Soldier,beware of mrs smith

73 POEMS: 28       
First Line: Right here the other night something
Last Line: Stare,he whispers 'I ran'

73 POEMS: 29       
First Line: The greedy the people
Last Line: Though the earth in her splendor %says may

73 POEMS: 3       
First Line: Seeker of truth
Last Line: Truth is here

73 POEMS: 30       
First Line: One winter afternoon
Last Line: Enough to give me a daisy

73 POEMS: 31       
First Line: Poem(or
Last Line: Unbeingdead isn't beingalive

73 POEMS: 32       
First Line: All which isn't singing is mere talking
Last Line: Feel and lovers)singing is silence

73 POEMS: 33       
First Line: Christ but they're few
Last Line: A moon or two

73 POEMS: 34       
First Line: Nothing'the unjust man complained
Last Line: Is just'('or un-' the just rejoined

73 POEMS: 35       
First Line: The trick of finding what you didn't lose
Last Line: And played the hostess to my morethanme

73 POEMS: 36       
First Line: If in beginning twilight of winter will stand
Last Line: Whispers'is very pleasant' my ghost to

73 POEMS: 37       
First Line: Now that,more nearest even than your fate
Last Line: Incalculable than a single kiss

73 POEMS: 38       
First Line: Silently if,out of not knowable
Last Line: #name?

73 POEMS: 39       
First Line: White guardians of the universe of sleep
Last Line: Sing more will wonderfully birds than are

73 POEMS: 4. SONG       
First Line: But we've the may
Last Line: (big little and all

73 POEMS: 40       
First Line: Your homecoming will be my homecoming
Last Line: Everywhere and joy's perfect wholeness we're

73 POEMS: 41       
First Line: A round face near the top of the stairs
Last Line: And I and my love are alone

73 POEMS: 42       
First Line: N
Last Line: The m %y %ster %y %of %s %tillnes %s

73 POEMS: 43       
First Line: May I be gay
Last Line: Of day to yes

73 POEMS: 44       
First Line: Now I lay(with everywhere around
Last Line: Now I lay me down to dream of spring

73 POEMS: 46       
First Line: Out of midsummer's blazing most not night
Last Line: Merely what dying must call life are you

73 POEMS: 47       
First Line: Without the mercy of
Last Line: Thankful(hark)birds singing wholly are

73 POEMS: 48       
First Line: T,h;r:u;s,h;e:s
Last Line: A %the %o %fmoon

73 POEMS: 49       
First Line: Faithfully tinying at twilight voice
Last Line: The more than thanks of always merest me

73 POEMS: 5       
First Line: The first of all my dreams was of
Last Line: #name?

73 POEMS: 50       
First Line: While a once world slips from
Last Line: Things or dreamed become un

73 POEMS: 51       
First Line: But
Last Line: What absolute nothing

73 POEMS: 52       
First Line: Who are you,little I
Last Line: This is a beautiful way

73 POEMS: 53       
First Line: Of all things under our
Last Line: Possibly could die

73 POEMS: 54       
First Line: Timeless
Last Line: All itcreating winds

73 POEMS: 55       
First Line: I
Last Line: Who's ama %zingly %eye

73 POEMS: 56       
First Line: Could that'I marvelled'be
Last Line: Who had died %,replied

73 POEMS: 57       
First Line: Mi(dreamlike)st
Last Line: Will be wor %(magi %c %ally) %lds

73 POEMS: 58       
First Line: & sun &
Last Line: Drea(chipmunk)ming

73 POEMS: 59       
First Line: Who is this
Last Line: Meta %ph %or %?La lune

73 POEMS: 6       
First Line: Fair ladies tall lovers
Last Line: (each youngest)in sunlight

73 POEMS: 60       
First Line: 2 little whos
Last Line: Aflame with dreams %incredible is

73 POEMS: 61       
First Line: One
Last Line: Is upon a gra %v %es %t %one

73 POEMS: 62       
First Line: Now does our world descend
Last Line: -arise,my soul;and sing

73 POEMS: 63       
First Line: (listen
Last Line: With all the policemen in the world

73 POEMS: 64       
First Line: O purple finch please tell me why
Last Line: I could not sing'

73 POEMS: 65       
First Line: Though your sorrows not
Last Line: But it must be your'

73 POEMS: 66       
First Line: D-re-a-mi-n-gl-y
Last Line: Are %t %remblin %g

73 POEMS: 67       
First Line: Enter no(silence is the blood whose flesh
Last Line: Never imaginable mystery) %descend

73 POEMS: 68       
First Line: What is
Last Line: Cries which are wings
Subject(s): Sea

73 POEMS: 69       
First Line: !Hope
Last Line: Dream! %joy! %truth! %!Soul

73 POEMS: 7       
First Line: It's
Last Line: But for once %(imag %-ine) you

73 POEMS: 70       
First Line: Pity his how illimitable plight
Last Line: Miscalled are happy should his now go then

73 POEMS: 71       
First Line: How many moments must(amazing each
Last Line: Do not conceive - let ocean grow again

73 POEMS: 72       
First Line: Wild(at our first)beasts uttered human words
Last Line: But o the starhushed silence which our third's

73 POEMS: 73       
First Line: All worlds have halfsight,seeing either with
Last Line: Wonder no world deny may or believe

73 POEMS: 8       
First Line: Plant magic dust
Last Line: Life herself stands

73 POEMS: 9       
First Line: Now is a ship
Last Line: Steering for dream

95 POEMS: 1       
First Line: I(a
Last Line: One %l %iness

95 POEMS: 10    Poem Text    
First Line: Maggie and milly and molly ad may
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

95 POEMS: 10       
First Line: Maggie and milly and molly ad may
Last Line: It's always ourselves we find in the sea
Subject(s): Sea

95 POEMS: 11       
First Line: In time's a noble mercy of proportion
Last Line: Tell me)there is a time for timelessness

95 POEMS: 12       
First Line: Lily has a rose
Last Line: Love is more than love

95 POEMS: 13       
First Line: So shy shy shy(and with a
Last Line: Man who'll never die
Subject(s): Love

95 POEMS: 14       
First Line: But also dying
Last Line: Are we're;but %also %nowhere

95 POEMS: 15       
First Line: On littlest this
Last Line: Your my life and our

95 POEMS: 16       
First Line: In time of daffodils(who know
Last Line: Forgetting me,remember me

95 POEMS: 17       
First Line: For prodigal read generous
Last Line: (and close your eyes

95 POEMS: 18       
First Line: Once white&gold
Last Line: All blood and when

95 POEMS: 19       
First Line: Un(bee)mo
Last Line: Asl(rose)eep

95 POEMS: 2       
First Line: To stand(alone)in some
Last Line: Death and %life)imaginable mysteries

95 POEMS: 20       
First Line: Off a pane)the
Last Line: All at)stops %(once

95 POEMS: 21       
First Line: Joys faces friends
Last Line: Go rain snow) %remembers

95 POEMS: 22       
First Line: Why from this her and him
Last Line: She and he lie(undead

95 POEMS: 23       
First Line: Albutnotquitemost
Last Line: The deep is the far o my %darling)of(down

95 POEMS: 24       
First Line: Dim
Last Line: He rai %n th %e %raintherain

95 POEMS: 25       
First Line: That melancholy
Last Line: Are true bacause they can't be true

95 POEMS: 26       
First Line: Round a so moon could dream(I sus
Last Line: By some that bum who's every one

95 POEMS: 27       
First Line: Jack's white horse(up
Last Line: Life was a blindman

95 POEMS: 28       
First Line: As joe gould says in
Last Line: D %oh %n %lygawntueco %llege

95 POEMS: 29       
First Line: Ev erythingex cept
Last Line: Som %e %th %ing:who

95 POEMS: 3       
First Line: Now air is air and thing is thing:no bliss
Last Line: The courage to receive time's mightiest dream

95 POEMS: 30       
First Line: What got him was noth
Last Line: Something)what got him was nothing

95 POEMS: 31       
First Line: A he as o
Last Line: N %is %ell drunk if I %be pencils
Subject(s): Alcoholics And Alcoholism

95 POEMS: 32       
First Line: Who(at
Last Line: %ost)imagi %-n- %e she is

95 POEMS: 33       
First Line: A gr
Last Line: (eyeaintu) %s %(hfraiduh %nohw %u %n

First Line: When mack smacked phyllis on the snout
Last Line: Else thought lucinda looked like steve

95 POEMS: 35       
First Line: So you're hunting for ann well I'm looking for will'
Last Line: There'll be slime in his eyes and a stone on his soul'

95 POEMS: 36       
First Line: Yes but even
Last Line: Quite poison god's sunlight

95 POEMS: 37       
First Line: Handsome and clever and he went cruising
Last Line: And then lay down with a smile

95 POEMS: 38       
First Line: S.Ti:rst;hiso,nce;ma:n
Last Line: Toitselfw.Hispering

95 POEMS: 39. THANKSGIVING 1956       
First Line: A monstering horror swallows
Last Line: (because it begins to smell)
Subject(s): Americans; United States

95 POEMS: 4       
First Line: This man's heart
Last Line: Its way to now %-here

95 POEMS: 40       
First Line: Silence
Last Line: (inquiry before snow
Subject(s): Silence

95 POEMS: 41       
First Line: Beautiful
Last Line: Ling(e %ver %yw %here)s %now

95 POEMS: 42       
First Line: From spiralling ecstatically this
Last Line: #name?
Subject(s): Life Change Events

95 POEMS: 43       
First Line: Who(is?Are)who
Last Line: Everychildfatheringone

95 POEMS: 44       
First Line: #name?
Last Line: A dream in the rain

95 POEMS: 45       
First Line: I love you much(most beautiful darling
Last Line: Most beautiful darling)believe in nothing but love

95 POEMS: 46       
First Line: Never could anyone
Last Line: She'll be the first to know

95 POEMS: 47       
First Line: Out of night's almost floats a colour(in
Last Line: L %o %v %e

95 POEMS: 48       
First Line: Someone I am wandering a town(if its
Last Line: Blossom a first star)one

95 POEMS: 49       
First Line: Noone and a star stand,am to am
Last Line: Both and)self adventures deathlessness

95 POEMS: 5       
First Line: Crazy jay blue
Last Line: You beautiful anarchist %(I salute thee

95 POEMS: 50       
First Line: !
Last Line: Go %:ldenly(round %est) %?

95 POEMS: 51       
First Line: F eeble a blu
Last Line: Thea lmo st mor ning

95 POEMS: 52       
First Line: Why
Last Line: Ful ev %er hur %ries

95 POEMS: 53       
First Line: N
Last Line: Efourfi ve%six %engli shsp %arr ow %s

95 POEMS: 54       
First Line: Ardensteil-henarub-izabeth
Last Line: Amingfeeblyoff %s,p;r:I;n,g

95 POEMS: 55       
First Line: You no
Last Line: Hell are we all morticians?

95 POEMS: 56       
First Line: Home means that
Last Line: Kiss)means %home

95 POEMS: 57       
First Line: Old age sticks
Last Line: Gr %owing old
Subject(s): Youth

95 POEMS: 58       
First Line: A total stranger one black day
Last Line: Immortal friends the other's each

95 POEMS: 59       
First Line: When any mortal(even the most odd
Last Line: Not justify the ways of god to man

95 POEMS: 6       
First Line: Spirit colossal
Last Line: Your livingest courage

95 POEMS: 60       
First Line: Dive for dreams
Last Line: And tomorrow and the earth

95 POEMS: 61       
First Line: Young m
Last Line: His dream;dancin %g you %star

95 POEMS: 62       
First Line: Your birthday comes to tell me this
Last Line: And will be and my birthday is

95 POEMS: 63       
First Line: Precisely as unbig a why asi'm
Last Line: April's own april and awake's awake

95 POEMS: 64       
First Line: Out of the lie of no
Last Line: Equal one violet

95 POEMS: 65       
First Line: First robin the
Last Line: (winter goodbye) %april hello

95 POEMS: 66       
First Line: But why shoul'
Last Line: (always are beautiful %ugly'

95 POEMS: 67       
First Line: This little huge
Last Line: U %-nderstan- %d my o %-nl- %y me

95 POEMS: 68       
First Line: The(oo)is
Last Line: Wh(g %o %ne) %o %w(a)a(m)s

95 POEMS: 69       
First Line: Over us if(as what was dusk becomes
Last Line: Most the amazing miracle of all

95 POEMS: 7       
First Line: Because you take life in your stride(instead
Last Line: Can turn immense all time's because to why

95 POEMS: 70       
First Line: Whatever's merely wilful
Last Line: The younger she's

95 POEMS: 71       
First Line: Stand with your lover on the ending earth
Last Line: And death a day(or maybe even less

95 POEMS: 72       
First Line: I shall imagine life
Last Line: Certain)will only smile

95 POEMS: 73       
First Line: Let's,from some loud unworld's most rightful wrong
Last Line: #name?

95 POEMS: 74       
First Line: Sentinel robins two
Last Line: So safe we are

95 POEMS: 75       
First Line: (hills chime with thrush
Last Line: Ey %tangle in twitter %yt %wofroing chino %ise %r(!)I(?)e(.)s

95 POEMS: 76       
First Line: These from my mother's greatgrandmother's rosebush white
Last Line: Who holds himself as the little white rose of a child'

95 POEMS: 77       
First Line: I am a little church(no great cathedral
Last Line: (welcoming humbly his light and proudly his darkness

95 POEMS: 78       
First Line: All nearness pauses,while a star can grow
Last Line: More than all worlds begin to (see?)begin

95 POEMS: 79       
First Line: Whippoorwill this
Last Line: Pasture and hills

95 POEMS: 8       
First Line: Dominic has
Last Line: Than dolls & %dreams

95 POEMS: 80       
First Line: If the lovestar grows most big
Last Line: Then that star goes under the earth

95 POEMS: 81       
First Line: Here's s
Last Line: One old blue wheel in a pasture

95 POEMS: 82       
First Line: Now comes the good rain farmers pray for(and
Last Line: Their trees and by forests with all their mountains

95 POEMS: 83       
First Line: Perished have safe small
Last Line: Dreams are to breathe

95 POEMS: 84       
First Line: How generous is the at himself the sun
Last Line: -we are himself's own self;his very him

95 POEMS: 85       
First Line: Here pasture ends
Last Line: #name?

95 POEMS: 86       
First Line: This
Last Line: Must die to %merely %know

95 POEMS: 87       
First Line: Now(more near ourselves than we
Last Line: He sings till everywhere is here

95 POEMS: 88       
First Line: Joyful your complete fearless and pure love
Last Line: Turn to a silence who's the voice of voice

95 POEMS: 89       
First Line: Now what were motionless move(exists no
Last Line: #name?

95 POEMS: 9       
First Line: Both eaching come ghostlike
Last Line: (kissed bigly by bells

95 POEMS: 90       
First Line: Rosetree,rosetree
Last Line: #name?

95 POEMS: 91       
First Line: Unlove's the heavenless hell and homeless home
Last Line: Twice I have lived forever in a smile

95 POEMS: 92       
First Line: I carry your heart with me (I carry it in
Last Line: I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart
Variant Title(s): I Carry Your Heart With Me(i Carry It I
Subject(s): Life Change Events

95 POEMS: 93       
First Line: Spring!May
Last Line: And dance you suddenly blossoming tree %-I'll sing

95 POEMS: 94       
First Line: Being to tmelessness as it's to time
Last Line: Whatever sages say and fools,all's well

95 POEMS: 95       
First Line: If up's the word;and a world grows greener
Last Line: And an every(who's any who's some)one who's we

AMORES: 1       
First Line: Consider o
Last Line: Return upon the red elected lips %scaleless visions

AMORES: 2       
First Line: There is a
Last Line: Of thy languorous mouth the %thrilling %flower

AMORES: 3       
First Line: As is the sea marvelous
Last Line: Of your %soul %upon %my lips
Subject(s): Sea

AMORES: 4       
First Line: If I believe
Last Line: Of all persisting stars

AMORES: 5       
First Line: The glory is fallen out of
Last Line: Lead us %into the %serious %steep %darkness

AMORES: 6       
First Line: I like
Last Line: He is called death

AMORES: 7    Poem Text    
First Line: O distinct
Last Line: Day under the noise of worms

AMORES: 8       
First Line: Your little voice over the wires came leaping
Last Line: Leaping %sweetly %your voice
Subject(s): Love

First Line: Cried the third crumb, I am should
Last Line: Been effie who isn't alive

Last Line: Sun moon stars rain
Variant Title(s): 50 Poems: 2
Subject(s): Life; Seasons; Time


BABYLON SLIM / -NESS OF    Poem Text    

Last Line: Numb rhythm before christ
Subject(s): Bible; Religion

Last Line: Delirious. Indivisible %grace %of dancing



CHANSON INNOCENTE: 1    Poem Text    
First Line: Why did you go
Last Line: When we weren't looking.

First Line: In just - / spring - when the world is mud-
Last Line: Wee
Subject(s): Balloons; Language; Mythology - Classical; Pan (mythology); Spring; Words; Vocabulary

CHANSON INNOCENTE: 2    Poem Text    
First Line: Little tree
Last Line: "noel noel"
Subject(s): Christmas; Nativity, The

First Line: Hist whist
Last Line: Wheeeee
Subject(s): Witchcraft & Witches

First Line: When god decided to invent
Last Line: Breath bigger than a circustent %and everything began
Subject(s): Language

First Line: Thou aged unreluctant earth who dost
Last Line: Thy suppliant singer and his wandering word

First Line: With breathing as (faithfully) her lownecked
Last Line: Whereof this lady in some book had read

First Line: She puts down the handmirror. 'look at' arranging
Last Line: And swaggering cookies of indignant light

First Line: Joggle I think will do it although the glad
Last Line: Where uh guy gets gayn troze uh lobstersalad

First Line: Life? %listen' the feline she with radishred
Last Line: I left her permanently smiling

First Line: Should I entirely ask of god why
Last Line: Is like a clock striking in a dark house

FIVE: 1       
First Line: After all white horses are in bed
Last Line: Through the sharp light cryingly as the knights flew

FIVE: 2       
First Line: Touching you I say (it being spring
Last Line: There's the moon, there is something faithful and mad'

FIVE: 3       
First Line: Along the brittle treacherous bright streets
Last Line: When you were in paris we met here

FIVE: 4       
First Line: Our touching hearts slenderly comprehend
Last Line: Moon's bright third tumbling slowly

FIVE: 5       
First Line: If I have made, my lady, intricate
Last Line: Into the ragged meadow of my soul
Variant Title(s): Sonne

FOUR: 1       
First Line: The moon looked into my window
Last Line: Her a fragile light bent gatheringly

FOUR: 10       
First Line: You are like the snow only
Last Line: Winter, whom spring shall kill

FOUR: 11       
First Line: Because
Last Line: But the beginning %of myself

FOUR: 12       
First Line: You being in love
Last Line: That I do not fall into this street is love.'

FOUR: 13       
First Line: Nobody wears a yellow
Last Line: Me in the face a dead yellow small rose

FOUR: 14       
First Line: It is so long since my heart has been with yours
Last Line: Filled with skilfully stuffed memories

FOUR: 15       
First Line: I am a beggar always
Last Line: Corner)never bother you any more

FOUR: 16       
First Line: If within tonight's erect
Last Line: Nothing,he murmurs carefully lying down

FOUR: 17       
First Line: How this uncouth enchanted
Last Line: Kissed thrice suddenly smile

FOUR: 18       
First Line: I go to this window
Last Line: Downward thousands of enormous dreams

FOUR: 2       
First Line: If being mortised with a dream
Last Line: Innumerable lives he has not lived

FOUR: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: Here's a little mouse) and
Subject(s): Mice

FOUR: 3       
First Line: Here's a little mouse) and
Last Line: Who (look), startled
Subject(s): Mice

FOUR: 4       
First Line: But if I should say
Last Line: Happens)but if I should, %say

FOUR: 5       
First Line: In spite of everything
Last Line: Where our heads lived and were

FOUR: 6       
First Line: You are not going to, dear. You are not going to and
Last Line: Two alert lice in the blond hair of nothing

FOUR: 7    Poem Text    
First Line: Since feeling is first
Subject(s): Love

FOUR: 7       
First Line: Since feeling is first
Last Line: And death I think is no parenthesis
Subject(s): Love

FOUR: 8       
First Line: Some ask praise of their fellows
Last Line: Eyes, gifted with green twilight

FOUR: 9       
First Line: Supposing I dreamed this
Last Line: Which a poor wind will roam
Subject(s): Dreams

GREAT / MAN       
Last Line: Silence) sky

Last Line: Of death humanity %I hate you

I / NEVER       
Last Line: Zingky %eye


First Line: The sky a silver
Last Line: Butts into the river

First Line: Writhe and
Last Line: The becoming garden of her agony

First Line: I was considering how
Last Line: Like an alarm-clock

First Line: The hours rise up putting off stars and it is

First Line: Stinging
Last Line: Wind %is dragging %the %sea %with %dream %-s

IN JUST       
Last Line: Balloonman whistles %far %and %wee

Last Line: (when time from time shall set us free) %forgetting me, remember me
Subject(s): Life Change Events

LA GUERRE: 1    Poem Text    
First Line: The bigness of cannon
Last Line: The night utter ripe unspeaking girls.
Subject(s): War

LA GUERRE: 1       
First Line: Earth like a tipsy
Last Line: What was once the discobolus of %one %myron

First Line: My little darlings, let us now
Last Line: To %no
Subject(s): Social Protest; War

Last Line: To %no

Subject(s): War

NEW POEMS: 1       
First Line: Un
Last Line: People %be %come %un

NEW POEMS: 10       
First Line: Nor woman (just as it be
Last Line: T hurt any more h %u %sh %nor child

NEW POEMS: 11       
First Line: My specialty is living said
Last Line: One pair of trousers(which had died

NEW POEMS: 12       
First Line: The mind's
Last Line: )ah,soul

NEW POEMS: 13       
First Line: Ifi
Last Line: Kid that's something else my sweet(I feel that's %true

NEW POEMS: 14       
First Line: Hanged
Last Line: Eu %can have %you %rope

NEW POEMS: 15       
First Line: Economic secu
Last Line: Before the torse

NEW POEMS: 16       
First Line: Beware beware beware
Last Line: Prevented by cathedrals

NEW POEMS: 17       
First Line: Only as what(out of a flophouse)floats
Last Line: Not the least shadow of a. Not one smallest dream

NEW POEMS: 18       
First Line: Must being shall
Last Line: -like finger of %the tree

NEW POEMS: 19       
First Line: May my heart always be open to little
Last Line: Pulling all the sky over him with one smile

NEW POEMS: 2       
First Line: Kind
Last Line: Dear beautiful eternal night

NEW POEMS: 20       
First Line: The people who
Last Line: Trample(they flyingly silence

NEW POEMS: 21       
First Line: Porky & porkie
Last Line: Things-without-wings

NEW POEMS: 22       
First Line: You shall above all things be glad and young
Last Line: Than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance

NEW POEMS: 3       
First Line: A football with white eyebrows the
Last Line: Oo vertiginously absorbed which a la

NEW POEMS: 4       
First Line: (of ever-ever land I speak
Last Line: But a gland is only a gland

NEW POEMS: 5       
First Line: Lucky means finding
Last Line: Ier %luck %-I- %est

NEW POEMS: 6       
First Line: Q:dwo
Last Line: Be as dull as one englishman %a:to

NEW POEMS: 7       
First Line: &-moon-he-be-hind-a-mills
Last Line: Not-mere-ly-won-der-ing-&

NEW POEMS: 8       
First Line: This little bride & groom are
Last Line: Nothing really exists
Subject(s): Marriage

NEW POEMS: 9       
First Line: So little he is
Last Line: S: %a %o

NO THANKS: 1       
First Line: Moon over towns moon
Last Line: Slowly sprouting spir %it

NO THANKS: 10       
First Line: Little man
Last Line: Big moon %(enter %us

NO THANKS: 11       
First Line: Ci-git 1 foetus(unborn to not die
Last Line: My fortune(although endlessness should end

NO THANKS: 12       
First Line: Why why
Last Line: Ing homonomously metameric you

NO THANKS: 13       
First Line: R-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r
Last Line: Rea(be)rran(com)gi(e)ngly %grasshopper
Subject(s): Animals; Grasshoppers

NO THANKS: 14       
First Line: Mouse)won
Last Line: (his ears(eyes

NO THANKS: 15       
First Line: One nonsufficiently inunderstood
Last Line: Vury sin silly %:oi

NO THANKS: 16    Poem Text    
First Line: May I feel said he
Subject(s): Sex

NO THANKS: 16       
First Line: May I feel said he
Last Line: (you are mine said she
Subject(s): Sex

NO THANKS: 17       
First Line: O
Last Line: Course)but what I mean is nobody understands her rerly

NO THANKS: 18       
First Line: This little
Last Line: It seems to be doing nicely

NO THANKS: 19       
First Line: Who before dying demands not rebirth
Last Line: (he must deny nind:may believe in brains

NO THANKS: 2       
First Line: Moon over gai
Last Line: ;ball %balll %ballll %balllll

NO THANKS: 20       
First Line: Go(perpe)go
Last Line: Ant,thou ant- %eater

NO THANKS: 21       
First Line: In) all those who got
Last Line: On&off bandwaggons %(memoriam

NO THANKS: 22       
First Line: When muckers pimps and tratesmen
Last Line: But eye certainly hate the juse

NO THANKS: 23       
First Line: He does not have to feel because he thinks
Last Line: Afraid;aggressive and:american

NO THANKS: 24       
First Line: Let's start a magazine
Last Line: Squeeze your nuts and open your face

NO THANKS: 25       
First Line: This(that
Last Line: Stly(stuck in a spanked behind

NO THANKS: 26       
First Line: What does little ernest croon
Last Line: Wus de woids uf lil oinis

NO THANKS: 27       
First Line: Little joe gould has lost his teeth and doesn't know where
Last Line: But it's more fun to be more to be fun to be litle joe gould

NO THANKS: 28       
First Line: That famous fatheads find that each
Last Line: G. O. W. Is full of)delete

NO THANKS: 29       
First Line: Most(people
Last Line: By %most)people

NO THANKS: 3       
First Line: That which we who're alive in spite of mirrors
Last Line: As wholly as that which we live for dies

NO THANKS: 30       
First Line: Kumrads die because they're told
Last Line: (because they are afraid to love

NO THANKS: 31       
First Line: Does yesterday's perfection seem not quite
Last Line: I the lost shoulders s the empty spine

NO THANKS: 32       
First Line: Numb(and
Last Line: Mightily how rooted %who of iron

NO THANKS: 33       
First Line: Emptied.Hills.Listen
Last Line: F %loat?) %r %hythms

NO THANKS: 34       
First Line: Snow)says!Says
Last Line: He-she %(weres

NO THANKS: 35       
First Line: How dark and single,where he ends,the earth
Last Line: The unimaginable night not known

NO THANKS: 36       
First Line: Into a truly
Last Line: Pilot my spirit is

NO THANKS: 37       
First Line: Conceive a man,should he have anything
Last Line: Withholding nothing)world,conceive a man

NO THANKS: 38       
First Line: Snow
Last Line: Glib scarcelyest amongs flowering

NO THANKS: 39       
First Line: Move
Last Line: Blind full steep love

NO THANKS: 4       
First Line: A)glazed mind layed in a urinal
Last Line: Eats wasvino isspaghett(I

NO THANKS: 40       
First Line: As if as
Last Line: Mmamakmakemakeswwoworworlworid

NO THANKS: 41       
First Line: Here's to opening and upward,to leaf and to sap
Last Line: (whose fatal songs are moving in the moon

NO THANKS: 42       
First Line: Out of a supermetamathical subpreincestures
Last Line: World's fair was the paytoilet

NO THANKS: 43       
First Line: They so alive (who is ?Niggers
Last Line: Ting %bam- %:do) %,chippity

NO THANKS: 44       
First Line: The boys I mean are not refined
Last Line: They shake the mountains where they dance

NO THANKS: 45       
First Line: Sometimes in)spring a someone will lie(glued
Last Line: Outthunders silence. %and (night climbs the air

NO THANKS: 46       
First Line: Swi( across!Gold's
Last Line: (w-a)s %bir %d

NO THANKS: 47       
First Line: Ondumonde'
Last Line: Smiles %'ahlbrhoon

NO THANKS: 48       
First Line: Floatfloafloflf
Last Line: P %aul d-as-in-tip-toe r %aper

NO THANKS: 49       
First Line: Silent unday by silently not night
Last Line: Were your eyes:lost,believing;hushed with when

NO THANKS: 5       
First Line: I
Last Line: X %ii) %I

NO THANKS: 50       
First Line: Much I cannot
Last Line: Come(in one bed

NO THANKS: 51       
First Line: At dusk just when
Last Line: Shaken by the sea

NO THANKS: 52       
First Line: Spring(side
Last Line: As round as)death

NO THANKS: 53       
First Line: What a proud dreamhorse pulling(smoothbloomingly)through
Last Line: Almost walk air). Now who stops. Smiles.He %stamps

NO THANKS: 54       
First Line: Jehovah buried satan dead
Last Line: Who dares to call himself a man

NO THANKS: 55       
First Line: Worshipping same
Last Line: The harder the wind blows the %taller I am

NO THANKS: 56       
First Line: This mind made war
Last Line: This fool and man

NO THANKS: 57       
First Line: When from a sidewalk out of(blown never quite to
Last Line: You-with-me %around(me)you %iyou

NO THANKS: 58       
First Line: Love is a place
Last Line: (skillfully curled) %all worlds

NO THANKS: 59       
First Line: B eli s? Be
Last Line: (be %llsbell) %ells %(sbells

NO THANKS: 6       
First Line: Exit a kind of unkindness exit
Last Line: In improbably yale

NO THANKS: 60       
First Line: Sh estiffl
Last Line: (yoursmine mineyours yoursmine %! %I()t

NO THANKS: 61       
First Line: Love's function is to fabricate unknowness
Last Line: While the whole moves;and every part stands still
Subject(s): Love

NO THANKS: 63       
First Line: Birds( here,inven
Last Line: Are %ar %a

NO THANKS: 64       
First Line: Do
Last Line: (an- %onymo %-us

NO THANKS: 65       
First Line: If night's mostness(and whom did merely day
Last Line: Everywhere your selves himself recognize

NO THANKS: 66       
First Line: Death(having lost)put on his universe
Last Line: To bed will go

NO THANKS: 67       
First Line: Come(all you mischief
Last Line: Can sell the moon to the)moon

NO THANKS: 68       
First Line: Be of love(a little
Last Line: Open what thousandth why and %discover laughing

NO THANKS: 69       
First Line: Reason let others give and realness bring
Last Line: Against the awful mystery of light

NO THANKS: 7       
First Line: Sonnet entitled how to run the world
Last Line: Children building this rainman out of snow

NO THANKS: 70       
First Line: Bright
Last Line: Who (holy alone) holy (alone holy) alone

NO THANKS: 71       
First Line: Morsel miraculous and meaningless
Last Line: Isful beckoningly fabulous crumb

NO THANKS: 8       
First Line: The( wistfully
Last Line: Whisper it %( %living

NO THANKS: 9    Poem Text    
First Line: O pr / gress verily thou art m
Last Line: Aseball
Subject(s): Actors & Actresses; Theater & Theaters; Actresses; Stage Life

NO THANKS; 62       
First Line: We)under)over,the thing of floating of
Last Line: E %a's;m %e, %m(or.Y

NO TIME AGO       
Last Line: Made of nothing %except loneliness



First Line: Dreaming in marble all the castle lay
Last Line: To touch the yellow wonder of her hair

ONE: 10    Poem Text    
First Line: Nobody loses all the time
Variant Title(s): Poem
Subject(s): Failure

ONE: 10       
First Line: Nobody loses all the time
Last Line: And started a worm farm
Variant Title(s): Poe
Subject(s): Failure

ONE: 11       
First Line: Now dis 'daughter' uv eve(who aint precisely slim)sim
Last Line: Father' adjustin his robe)who now puts on his flat hat

ONE: 12       
First Line: (and I imagine
Last Line: Stood sharp angels with faces like jim europe

ONE: 13       
First Line: It really must
Last Line: Middle of the night

ONE: 14. ITEM       
First Line: This man is o so
Last Line: Mercy. (exit the hors d'oeuvres

ONE: 15       
First Line: Ikey(goldberg)'s worth I'm
Last Line: Earl & wilson collars

ONE: 16. ?       
First Line: Why are these pipples taking their hets off?
Last Line: My lady is tired of that sort of thing

ONE: 17       
First Line: This young question mark man
Last Line: He's a wet dream %by cezanne

ONE: 18       
First Line: Mr youse needn't be so spry
Last Line: Is worth a million statues

ONE: 19    Poem Text    
First Line: She being brand
Subject(s): Love - Erotic

ONE: 19       
First Line: She being brand
Last Line: To a:dead. %stand- %;still
Subject(s): Erotic Love

ONE: 20       
First Line: Slightyly before the middle of congressman pudd
Last Line: And all the little schoolchildren sat down

ONE: 21. ODE       
First Line: O %the sweet & aged people
Last Line: Dear unnecessary hairless %o %ld

ONE: 22       
First Line: On the madam's best april the
Last Line: Idiotic big hands

ONE: 23       
First Line: (as that named fred
Last Line: Quickly into the very bright spittoon

ONE: 24       
First Line: My uncle
Last Line: Brattle street by a castrated pup

ONE: 25       
First Line: Than(by yon sunset's wintry glow
Last Line: It's snowing buttercups

ONE: 26       
First Line: Weazened irrefutable unastonished
Last Line: Of it'their,hands %minutely %answered

First Line: Stop look &
Last Line: Now that triglyph's here

ONE: 28    Poem Text    
First Line: A man who had fallen among thieves
Subject(s): Bible; Good Samaritan; Religion; Theology

ONE: 28       
First Line: A man who had fallen among thieves
Last Line: A million billion trillion stars
Subject(s): Bible; Good Samaritan; Religion

ONE: 29       
First Line: This evangelist
Last Line: Daze nutn like it

ONE: 3       
First Line: Curtains part
Last Line: Has for %-gotten some- %thing ah %(my %necktie

ONE: 30       
First Line: Ponder,darling,these busted statues
Last Line: Which used to lead something into somewhere

ONE: 31       
First Line: Poets yeggs and thirsties
Last Line: Punished bottoms interrupt philosphy

ONE: 32       
First Line: Will I ever forget that precarious moment?
Last Line: Have been not my fault

ONE: 33       
First Line: Voices to voices, lip to lip
Last Line: To eat flowers and not to be afraid

ONE: 34       
First Line: Life hurl my
Last Line: In(dodging are shybrighteyes is crum bs(alll)if,ey es

ONE: 4       
First Line: Workingman with hand so hairy-sturdy
Last Line: Ask dad, he knows

ONE: 5       
First Line: Yonder deadfromtheneckup graduate of a
Last Line: Erroneous impression that he %nascitur

ONE: 6       
First Line: Jimmie's got a goil goil goil, jimmie
Last Line: -mes but gimme jimmie's gal

ONE: 7       
First Line: Listen my children and you
Last Line: Me boo %who

ONE: 8       
First Line: Even if all desires things moments be
Last Line: Bent fer election makin believe dey was chust born

ONE: 9       
First Line: Death is more than
Last Line: Moonlight ourselves against the worms %hate laugh shimmy

ORIENTALE: 1    Poem Text    
First Line: I spoke to thee
Last Line: O thou, is love not death?
Subject(s): Life; Love - Nature Of

ORIENTALE: 2    Poem Text    
First Line: Lean candles hunger in
Last Line: With lust

ORIENTALE: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: My love
Last Line: Of bells comprehended through incense

ORIENTALE: 4       
First Line: Listen
Last Line: As an apple is picked by the little peasants for their girls

ORIENTALE: 5       
First Line: Unto thee I
Last Line: Unto %whom I %burn %olbanum

ORIENTALE: 6       
First Line: The emperor
Last Line: Earth writhe upon deep rugs

First Line: Everything except

First Line: Take it from me kiddo
Subject(s): Advertising; Consumerism

First Line: Take it from me kiddo
Last Line: Comes out like a ribbon lies flat on the brush
Subject(s): Advertising; Consumerism

PORTRAITS: 1       
First Line: Conversation with my friend is particularly
Last Line: An orchid whose velocity is sculptural

PORTRAITS: 1       
First Line: The
Last Line: So %drung %k, dear

PORTRAITS: 1       
First Line: Being
Last Line: Tiny %add %death %what %shall?

PORTRAITS: 10    Poem Text    
First Line: Somebody knew lincoln somebody xerxes
Last Line: And somebody napoleon

PORTRAITS: 10       
First Line: Here is little effie's head
Last Line: Whose brains are made of gingerbread

PORTRAITS: 11       
First Line: Her
Last Line: Pulled the sluice %emerging. %concrete

PORTRAITS: 12       
First Line: Little ladies more
Last Line: Ladies carefully dead

PORTRAITS: 2    Poem Text    
First Line: Of evident invisibles / exquisite the hovering

PORTRAITS: 2       
First Line: One april dusk the
Last Line: And did you perhaps wish also shishkabob?'

PORTRAITS: 3       
First Line: Between nose-red gross
Last Line: Like caught.Brave:flies

PORTRAITS: 3       
First Line: Picasso
Last Line: You hew form truly

PORTRAITS: 4       
First Line: I walked the boulevard
Last Line: Of how she was with child

PORTRAITS: 4       
First Line: The waddling
Last Line: The little ladies more than dead

PORTRAITS: 4       
First Line: The skinny voice
Last Line: Nix, kid

PORTRAITS: 5       
First Line: The young
Last Line: Departed is youth's indispensable %illusion'

PORTRAITS: 5       
First Line: Raise the shade
Last Line: You're killing me

PORTRAITS: 5       
First Line: As usual I did not find him in cafes, the more dissolute
Last Line: I coughed %,naturally

PORTRAITS: 6    Poem Text    
First Line: But the other
Last Line: Flowers of reminding

PORTRAITS: 6       
First Line: Cleopatra built
Last Line: The noiseless truth of swirling %worms %is %tomorrow

PORTRAITS: 6       
First Line: It's just like a coffin's
Last Line: And not too %sweet?

PORTRAITS: 7       
First Line: The rose
Last Line: Lips of an old man murder %the petals

PORTRAITS: 7       
First Line: Between the breasts
Last Line: Sleep between the legs of lil

PORTRAITS: 7       
First Line: My mind is
Last Line: Hereupon helpless I utter lilac shrieks and scarlet %bellowings

PORTRAITS: 8       
First Line: When the spent day begins to frail
Last Line: Buttons his coat against the wind

PORTRAITS: 8       
First Line: 5
Last Line: Five men in derbies

PORTRAITS: 9    Poem Text    
First Line: Spring omnipotent goddess thou
Last Line: Ragging the world
Variant Title(s): Xx

PORTRAITS: 9       
First Line: Impossibly
Last Line: Elsewhere; to blow %incredible wampum

PORTRAITS: 9       
First Line: At the ferocious phenomenon of 5 o'clock I find myself
Last Line: Snow speaks slowly

First Line: Windows go orange in the slowly
Last Line: In a parenthesis! Said the moon

First Line: Beyond the brittle towns asleep
Last Line: Twitching at the world

First Line: Sno
Last Line: From!The:a wending putrescence. A.Of,loosely %;voices

First Line: My eyes are fond of the east side
Last Line: Dollies of anyway %violin

First Line: Suppose
Last Line: She is sitting beside young death, is slender; %likes flowers

First Line: The dress was a suspicious madder, importing the cruelty of roses
Last Line: If she were alive, death was amusing

First Line: In the,exquisite
Last Line: Roundtable amongother; littleexactly round. Tables %her %.Eyes

First Line: The moon is hiding in
Last Line: Pearls singly-whispering

First Line: Riverly is a flower
Last Line: Sly slim gods stare

POST IMPRESSIONS: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: Into the strenuous briefness
Last Line: (of solongs and, ashes)

First Line: The wind is a lady with
Last Line: Dress, who; touches: the fields %(at sunset

First Line: I am going to utter a tree, nobody
Last Line: Worms rushing slowly through loam

First Line: Take for example this
Last Line: One of the thousand selves who are your smile

First Line: Any man is wonderful
Last Line: A devout flexion

First Line: Paris; this april sunset completely utters
Last Line: With certain houses

First Line: At the head of this street a gasping organ is waving noth
Last Line: That climbs and cries and runs and floats like a toy on the %end of a string

First Line: I remark this beach has been used too. Much too
Last Line: With,its,little,solemn, entrails

First Line: My smallheaded pearshaped
Last Line: Her hips india is

POST IMPRESSIONS: 8    Poem Text    
First Line: I was sitting in mcsorley's. Outside it was new
Subject(s): New York City; Manhattan; New York, New York; The Big Apple

First Line: I was sitting in mcsorley's. Outside it was new
Last Line: Outside.(it was new york and beautifully,snowing
Subject(s): New York City

First Line: Of this sunset(which is so
Last Line: Of a mind peacefully and skilfully which is disappearing

First Line: Harun omar and master hafiz
Last Line: Keep your dead beautiful ladies %harun omar and master hafiz

Last Line: , grasshopper

SONG: 2    Poem Text    
First Line: Always before your voice my soul
Last Line: Despair of violin.
Variant Title(s): Poem
Subject(s): Love

SONG: 4    Poem Text    
First Line: All in green went my love riding
Last Line: My heart fell dead before.
Subject(s): Hunting; Hunters

SONGS: 1       
First Line: (thee will I praise between those rivers whose
Last Line: From huge trees drenched by a rounding moon

SONGS: 1       
First Line: The sky was
Last Line: Un der, %a lo %co %mo %tive s pout %ing %vi %o %lets

SONGS: 10       
First Line: The hills
Last Line: With killing hands

SONGS: 11       
First Line: I will wade out till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers
Last Line: And set my teeth in the silver of the moon

SONGS: 12       
First Line: Cruelly, love
Last Line: Who crookedly care

SONGS: 2       
First Line: Of my
Last Line: Where strange birds purr

SONGS: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: When life is quite through with
Last Line: Deliberated.)

SONGS: 3       
First Line: Thy fingers make early flowers of
Last Line: And life be nothing, it shall not stop kissing

SONGS: 4       
First Line: Into the smiting
Last Line: Drawing into you my enchanting %leaves

SONGS: 5       
First Line: Doll's boy's asleep
Last Line: The heart goes nine

SONGS: 5       
First Line: Where's madge then
Last Line: She will never guess. %but I know

SONGS: 6    Poem Text    
First Line: When god lets my body be
Last Line: With the bulge and nuzzle of the sea

SONGS: 6       
First Line: After five
Last Line: The sweet earth where thou liest

SONGS: 8       
First Line: In the rain
Last Line: Think %of you

SONGS: 9       
First Line: Lady of silence
Last Line: The smarting beauty of dawn

SONNET - REALITIES: 1    Poem Text    
First Line: The cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls
Last Line: Moon rattles like a fragment of angry candy
Subject(s): Cambridge, Massachusetts; Social Protest

SONNET: 1       
First Line: If learned darkness from our searched world
Last Line: (heart, could we bear the marvel of this thing?

SONNET: 2       
First Line: O thou to whom the musical white spring
Last Line: I spill my bright incalculable soul

SONNET: 4       
First Line: This is the garden: colours come and go
Last Line: Some silver-fingered fountain steals the world
Subject(s): Bible; Religion

First Line: When my love comes to see me it's
Last Line: What is that the hurdy-gurdy's playing
Variant Title(s): When My Love Comes To See Me It'

First Line: A thing most new complete fragile intense
Last Line: Suddenly the lighted living hills
Variant Title(s): A Think Most New Complete Fragile Intens

First Line: If I should sleep with a lady called death
Last Line: An inch of nothing for your soul

First Line: My naked lady framed
Last Line: Of an imaginable gesture %exact warm unholy

First Line: I have found what you are like
Last Line: Quietly) almost, %your kiss

First Line: Upon the room's silence, I will sew
Last Line: Of wax. Something, distinct and. Amusing, brittle

First Line: The ivory performing rose
Last Line: With their enormous fingers unwished

First Line: (the phonograph's voice like a keen spider skipping
Last Line: Laughter from your preferable,eyes

First Line: A blue woman with sticking out breasts hanging
Last Line: (suddenly - lights go!On,by schedule

First Line: Let us tremble)a personal radiance sits
Last Line: Delicacy night gargles windows

First Line: #name?
Last Line: (it is twilight)a face playing on a flute

First Line: The mind is its own beautiful prisoner
Last Line: Her left hand upon a mirror
Subject(s): Love

First Line: My love is building a building
Last Line: Where the surrounded smile %hangs %breathless
Variant Title(s): Maiso

First Line: It is funny, you will be dead some day
Last Line: The rich improbable hands of the wind
Variant Title(s): It Is Funny, You Will Be Dead Some Da

First Line: My sonnet is a light goes on in
Last Line: My meals with him, which is fair as I judge

First Line: When you went away it was morning
Last Line: Breasts tickle, laughing when I wilt and wince

First Line: You asked me to come: it was raining a little
Last Line: Thighs; the hair stupidly priceless

First Line: And this day it was spring...Us
Last Line: A handorgan in twilight playing like hell

SONNETS - ACTUALITIES: 24    Poem Text    
First Line: I like my body when it is with your
Variant Title(s): "i Like My Body When It Is With Your"";
Subject(s): Love - Erotic; Love

First Line: I like my body when it is with your
Last Line: Of under me you so quite new
Variant Title(s): I Like My Body When It Is With You
Subject(s): Erotic Love; Love

First Line: Yours is the music for no instrument
Last Line: Or so thought the lady
Variant Title(s): Yours Is The Music For No Instrumen

First Line: I have loved, let us see if that's all
Last Line: Stands but as the trees, lay, which grow

First Line: By little accurate saints thickly which tread
Last Line: Impeccable girls in raiment laughter-gifted

First Line: Utterly and amusingly I am pash
Last Line: Moon plunge skilfully into the hill

First Line: Notice the convulsed orange inch of moon
Last Line: Then you will slowly kiss me

First Line: Before the fragile gradual throne of night
Last Line: In the young lips unearthly slenderness

First Line: When I have thought of you somewhat too
Last Line: A comic tadpole wriggling in delicious mud

First Line: Autumn is: that between there and here
Last Line: Death's big rotten particular kiss

First Line: Fabulous against ,a,fathoming jell
Last Line: It does who eye so neatly big

First Line: Let's live suddenly without thinking
Last Line: Our mouths something red, something tall


First Line: O it's nice to get up in, the slipshod mucous kiss
Last Line: Not. Again. Hush. God. Please hold. Tight
Variant Title(s): O It's Nice To Get Up In, The Slipshod Mucous Kiss P56618

First Line: Nearer:breath of my breath:take not thy tingling
Last Line: The poetic carcass of a girl

First Line: God pity me whom(god distinctly has
Last Line: Steps parting the tousle of saxophonic brogue
Subject(s): Jazz; Music And Musicians

First Line: Even a pencil has fear to
Last Line: Or unnoise men don't make soup who drink

First Line: Unnoticed woman from whose kind large flesh
Last Line: By the chimney with care in hopes that saint nicholas'

First Line: She sits dropping on a caret of clenched arms
Last Line: With giggling hips and frozen eyes

First Line: Of this wilting wall the colour drub
Last Line: Smile involves the comedy of decay

First Line: It started when bill's chip let on to
Last Line: In the chair he kept talking about eyes

First Line: Whereas by dark really released, the modern
Last Line: Perfume disinterestedly obscene

First Line: My girl's tall with hard long eyes
Last Line: About me, and to kiss my face and head
Variant Title(s): My Girl's Tall With Hard Long Eye

First Line: In making marjorie god hurried
Last Line: Dollars I fill her hips with boys and girls

First Line: Goodby betty, don't remember me
Last Line: Proving to death that love is so and so

First Line: My strength becoming wistful in a glib
Last Line: Gay exactly perishing sexual

First Line: Dick mid's large bluish face without eyebrows
Last Line: How jimmie was framed and got his

First Line: Twentyseven bums give a prostitute the once
Last Line: Pink propaganda of annihilation

First Line: Life boosts herself rapidly at me
Last Line: A friendless dingy female frenzy bubbles

First Line: Ladies and gentlemen this little girl
Last Line: Like coney island in winter
Subject(s): Death

First Line: The dirty colours of her kiss have just
Last Line: Her hair was mussed,and she coughed while tying strings

First Line: When you rang at dick mid's place
Last Line: Her handless wrists did gooey severe shapes

First Line: Light cursed falling in a singular block
Last Line: She kissed %and I %...Cheri...Nous sommes

First Line: Kitty'. Sixteen, 5' 1 , white, prostitute
Last Line: Common divisor of unequal souls

First Line: The bed is not very big
Last Line: In frolicsome wooden agony

First Line: When thou hast taken thy last applause, and when
Last Line: Mine also, little painted poem of god
Variant Title(s): When Thou Hast Taken Thy Last Applause, And Whe

First Line: The poem her belly marched through me as
Last Line: World wriggled like a twitched string

First Line: An amiable putrescence carpenters
Last Line: Hear,in darkness,water the lips of death

First Line: Her careful distinct sex whose sharp lips comb
Last Line: The face in a hoop of grim ecstasy

First Line: Irreproachable ladies firmly lewd
Last Line: Fran mag glad dorothy

First Line: It may not always be so; and I say
Last Line: Sing terribly afar in the lost lands
Variant Title(s): 'it May Not Always Be So; And I Say

First Line: God gloats upon her stunning flesh. Upon
Last Line: (behold! Where chaste stars writhe captured in brightening fright

First Line: It is at moments after I have dreamed
Last Line: I watch the roses of the day grow deep
Variant Title(s): It Is At Moments After I Have Dreame

First Line: When citied day with the sonorous homes
Last Line: On frailer ports of costlier commerce bent

First Line: A wind has blown the rain away and blown
Last Line: Suddenly wait against the moon's face
Variant Title(s): Sonne

First Line: A connotation of infinity
Last Line: Of crumbling silence seriously smiles

SONNETS: 10       
First Line: I have seen her a stealthily frail
Last Line: A song of adolescent ivory

SONNETS: 11       
First Line: Who's most afraid of death? Thou art of him
Last Line: My mouth, steer our lost bodies carefully downward
Subject(s): Death

SONNETS: 12       
First Line: Perhaps it is to feel strike
Last Line: And because she is beautiful

SONNETS: 13       
First Line: When I am in boston, I do not speak
Last Line: And I gaze on the cindercoloured little

SONNETS: 14       
First Line: Will suddenly trees leap from winter and will
Last Line: Insignificantly whisper

SONNETS: 15       
First Line: A fragrant sag of fruit distinctly grouped
Last Line: Eats tangerines looking at the moon

SONNETS: 16       
First Line: By god I want above fourteenth
Last Line: But hassan chuckles seeing the greeks breathe

SONNETS: 3       
First Line: When unto nights of autumn do complain
Last Line: (the child-head poised with the serious hair

SONNETS: 5       
First Line: Thou in whose swordgreat story shine the deeds
Last Line: His life that his fair city might not die

SONNETS: 6       
First Line: When the proficient poison of sure sleep
Last Line: Silence beyond the mystery of rhyme

SONNETS: 7       
First Line: And what were roses. Perfume? For I do
Last Line: Wishing by willows, bending upon streams?

SONNETS: 8       
First Line: Come nothing to my comparable soul
Last Line: What no man feels, no woman understands

SONNETS: 9       
First Line: When my sensational moments are no more
Last Line: Perchance to me deeper

Last Line: Dream %-s

TA / PPIN /G / TOE       
Last Line: As %fathandsbangrag

THREE: 1       
First Line: Now that fierce few
Last Line: Into nibbling final worms

THREE: 2       
First Line: Among these red pieces of
Last Line: Jerk. %ilyr, ushes

THREE: 3       
First Line: It is winter a moon in the afternoon
Last Line: ...The cathedral recedes into weather without answering

THREE: 4       
First Line: Candles and
Last Line: With faces like defunct geraniums

THREE: 5       
First Line: Will out of the kindness of their hearts a few philosophers tell me
Last Line: There are old men behind me I tell you;several,incredible, %sleepy

THREE: 6       
First Line: But observe; although
Last Line: Curving entire warm questions

THREE: 7       
First Line: Sunlight was over
Last Line: The world becoming bright and little melted


TWO: 1       
First Line: The season 'tis, my lovely lambs
Last Line: Pulled six months for selling snow
Subject(s): Modern Man

TWO: 10    Poem Text    
First Line: My sweet old etcetera
Variant Title(s): Two Xi
Subject(s): War

TWO: 10       
First Line: My sweet old etcetera
Last Line: Eyes knees and of your etcetera
Variant Title(s): Two X
Subject(s): War

TWO: 2       
First Line: Opening of the chambers close
Last Line: Then, and every beast of the field

TWO: 3    Poem Text    
First Line: Next to of course god america I
Subject(s): Americans; Freedom; Hypocrisy; Patriotism; Politics & Government; United States; World War I; Liberty; America; First World War

TWO: 3       
First Line: Next to of course god america I
Last Line: He spoke. And drank rapidly a glass of water
Subject(s): Americans; Freedom; Hypocrisy; Patriotism; Politics; United States; World War I

TWO: 4       
First Line: It's jolly
Last Line: Jolly odd isn't %it jolly odd

TWO: 5       
First Line: Look at this
Last Line: A new nice pine box (collect

TWO: 6       
First Line: First jock he
Last Line: They called them the kilties

TWO: 7       
First Line: Lis
Last Line: They don't want %to %no

TWO: 8       
First Line: Come, gaze with me upon this dome
Last Line: With trumpets clap and syphilis

TWO: 9       
First Line: 16 heures
Last Line: Evening in bruised narrow questioning faces

W (VIVA): 38       
First Line: N(o)w the
Last Line: )all are all(cry all see)0(ver all)th(e green %?Earth)n,ew

W (VIVA): 1       
First Line: ,mean
Last Line: Do neighbors re babies %while

W (VIVA): 10       
First Line: Thethe
Last Line: Elf %allabout. %(chic) %-kchi

W (VIVA): 11       
First Line: A mong crum bling people(a
Last Line: Rub, %!Berq; %:uestions

W (VIVA): 12       
First Line: Poor but terfly
Last Line: Camef %romth %air

W (VIVA): 13       
First Line: Remarked robinson jefferson
Last Line: And lays aytash unee

W (VIVA): 14       
First Line: What time is it I wonder never mind
Last Line: And there's the moon, thinner than a watchspring

W (VIVA): 15       
First Line: Well)here's looking at ourselves
Last Line: Carefully had decided oh %but(no

W (VIVA): 16       
First Line: Tell me not how electricity or
Last Line: Of a named %krassin

W (VIVA): 17       
First Line: Full speed astern
Last Line: (god save the uncommonwealth of humanusets

W (VIVA): 18       
First Line: Gay' is the captivating cognomen of a young woman of cambrigde, mass
Last Line: When we contemplate her uneyes safely ensconced in thick glass

W (VIVA): 19       
First Line: I will cultivate within
Last Line: Damn whom it touches

W (VIVA): 2       
First Line: Oil tel duh woil doi sez
Last Line: Givusuhtoonunduhphugnting

W (VIVA): 20       
First Line: But granted that it's nothing paradoxically enough beyond mere personal
Last Line: Believing science=(2b)-nherr professor m

W (VIVA): 21       
First Line: Helves surling out of eakspeasies per(reel)hapsingly
Last Line: Everybody sometimes calls morning

W (VIVA): 22       
First Line: Lord john unalive(having a fortune of fifteengrand
Last Line: Aureally(yawning while all the dominoes)fall:down;in,rows

W (VIVA): 23       
First Line: Buncha hardboil guys frum duh a.C. Fulla
Last Line: Sunset,playin uh busted harmonica

W (VIVA): 24       
First Line: From the cognoscenti
Last Line: Of radarw leschin

W (VIVA): 25       
First Line: Murderfully in midmost o.C.An
Last Line: Wrongers who write what they are dine to live

W (VIVA): 26       
First Line: Ohld song
Last Line: ,which is not fly

W (VIVA): 27       
First Line: The first president to be loved by his
Last Line: Somebody might hardly never not have been unsorry,perhaps

W (VIVA): 28       
First Line: Serene immediate silliest and whose
Last Line: Awake, chaos:we have napped

W (VIVA): 29       
First Line: In a middle of a room
Last Line: A bird flies into a mirror

W (VIVA): 3       
First Line: The surely
Last Line: Fluid than gas

W (VIVA): 30    Poem Text    
First Line: I sing of olaf glad and big
Subject(s): Social Protest; World War I; First World War

W (VIVA): 30       
First Line: I sing of olaf glad and big
Last Line: More brave than me:more blond than you
Subject(s): Social Protest; World War I

W (VIVA): 31       
First Line: Memory believes
Last Line: Such blue slender hands of god

W (VIVA): 32       
First Line: Wing wong, uninterred at twice
Last Line: Fruit of eager bosoms' %wing %wong

W (VIVA): 33       
First Line: Innerly
Last Line: N.Lyestmostsaresl e aves

W (VIVA): 34       
First Line: Don't cries to please my
Last Line: Rising:from the shall

W (VIVA): 35       
First Line: What is strictly fiercely and wholly dies
Last Line: A recent footprint in the sand of was

W (VIVA): 36       
First Line: Sunset)edges become swiftly
Last Line: F-e-e-t nowheregoingalways

W (VIVA): 37       
First Line: How
Last Line: Nonleaf daemons and large the downlife gods of %.Shut

W (VIVA): 39       
First Line: An(fragrance)of
Last Line: With(the round air is filled)opening

W (VIVA): 4       
First Line: There are 6 doors
Last Line: Don't think so.Maybe:somebody?)or,bedbugs

W (VIVA): 40       
First Line: Thou firsting a hugeness of twi -light
Last Line: Ylike writhe of brea %thing

W (VIVA): 41       
First Line: Twi is -light bird
Last Line: Nd o impercept I bl

W (VIVA): 42       
First Line: Structure,miraculous challenge,devout am
Last Line: Her star with what huge merciful forms presume

W (VIVA): 43       
First Line: If there are any heavens my mother will(all by herself)have
Last Line: & the whole garden will bow

W (VIVA): 44       
First Line: I'd think wonder
Last Line: These dark stairs

W (VIVA): 45       
First Line: You
Last Line: Whose black bod %ies leaves %hide

W (VIVA): 46       
First Line: I met a man under the moon
Last Line: As nobody came slowly over the town

W (VIVA): 47       
First Line: When rain whom fear
Last Line: In my imagination

W (VIVA): 48       
First Line: Come a little further - why be afraid
Last Line: And the english

W (VIVA): 49       
First Line: A light out & first of all foam
Last Line: Pass ignorantly into sleep's bright land

W (VIVA): 5       
First Line: Myself,walking in dragon st
Last Line: Leviathan

W (VIVA): 50       
First Line: When hair falls off and eyes blur and
Last Line: Or whatever weeds feel and fish think of

W (VIVA): 51       
First Line: A clown's smirk in the skull of a baboon
Last Line: I have never loved you dear as now I love

W (VIVA): 51       
First Line: Lady will you come with me into
Last Line: #name?

W (VIVA): 52    Poem Text    
First Line: Somewhere I have never travelled,gladly beyond

W (VIVA): 52       
First Line: It)it will it
Last Line: Large darkness and the middle of %the %e %a %r %t %h

W (VIVA): 52       
First Line: Somewhere I have never travelled,gladly beyond
Last Line: Nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands
Subject(s): Desire; Love

W (VIVA): 53       
First Line: Breathe with me this fear
Last Line: Only consider how

W (VIVA): 54       
First Line: If I love you
Last Line: Less than our breathing

W (VIVA): 55       
First Line: Speaking of love(of
Last Line: In flesh succeeding disappear

W (VIVA): 58       
First Line: Is there a flower(whom
Last Line: Than you will smile

W (VIVA): 59       
First Line: My darling since
Last Line: Especially who the moon is

W (VIVA): 6       
First Line: But mr can you maybe listen there's
Last Line: Smoking %found %butts

W (VIVA): 60       
First Line: Because I love you)last night
Last Line: The tide's acute weaving murmur

W (VIVA): 61       
First Line: If you and I awakening
Last Line: The cornerless tomorrow

W (VIVA): 62       
First Line: Item:is clumsily with of
Last Line: A tear is darker than a mile

W (VIVA): 63       
First Line: Be unto love as rain is unto colour;create
Last Line: Though wish and world go down, one poem yet shall swim

W (VIVA): 64       
First Line: Granted the all saving our young kiss only
Last Line: Are(behind each no)touching every yes

W (VIVA): 65       
First Line: But being not amazing:without love
Last Line: Groping washes my nightmare from his eyes?

W (VIVA): 66       
First Line: Nothing is more exactly terrible than
Last Line: Inhaling gently a cigarette(in a mirror

W (VIVA): 67       
First Line: Put off your faces,death:for day is over
Last Line: Day being come,love,put on your faces

W (VIVA): 68       
First Line: But if a living dance upon dead minds
Last Line: Though all the weird worlds must be opened? )love

W (VIVA): 69       
First Line: So standing,our eyes filled with wind,and the
Last Line: #name?

W (VIVA): 7       
First Line: Space being(don't forget to remember)curved
Last Line: Quadruped swoons into billiardballs!

W (VIVA): 70       
First Line: Here is the ocean,this is moonlight:say
Last Line: Only by you my heart always moves

W (VIVA): 8       
First Line: (one fine day
Last Line: Did always teethe
Subject(s): Railroads

W (VIVA): 9       
First Line: Y is a well known athlete's bride
Last Line: Now who go(bang(bang


First Line: With a swoop and a dart
Last Line: Singing like a flame
Subject(s): Language

XAIPE: 1       
First Line: This(let's remember)day died again and
Last Line: Livingest the imaginable moon

XAIPE: 10       
First Line: Or who and who
Last Line: Or I and you

XAIPE: 11       
First Line: So many selves(so many fiends and gods
Last Line: To comprehend not numerable whom?

XAIPE: 12       
First Line: Tw
Last Line: Sit(l %ook)dre %am

XAIPE: 13       
First Line: Chas sing does(who
Last Line: Nob odyknowswhos esh %?I %rt)n't

XAIPE: 14       
First Line: Out of more find than seeks
Last Line: Only)a silence only made of,bird

XAIPE: 15       
First Line: Hair your a brook
Last Line: Eithering dreams %the secret of

XAIPE: 16       
First Line: If the
Last Line: And two are %wildstrawberries

XAIPE: 17       
First Line: (swooning)a pillar of youngly
Last Line: Ingly scarlet woundsmile

XAIPE: 18       
First Line: A(ncient)a
Last Line: Nonlegs(strictly)smiling

XAIPE: 19       
First Line: Out of the mountain of his soul comes
Last Line: Occurred with any ticking of a clock

XAIPE: 2       
First Line: Hush
Last Line: Er miracu %lous citi %zens of %(hush

XAIPE: 20       
First Line: Goo-dmore-ning(en
Last Line: Crazy %me like %evry-ting

XAIPE: 21       
First Line: Jake hates all the girls(the
Last Line: Except the green ones

XAIPE: 22       
First Line: When serpents bargain for the right to squirm
Last Line: Unanimal mankind(and not until

XAIPE: 23       
First Line: Three wealthy sisters swore they'd never part
Last Line: Now mrs death. Poor mind

XAIPE: 24       
First Line: One day a nigger
Last Line: Stars shine at night

XAIPE: 25       
First Line: Pieces(in darker
Last Line: Lucky to break one) %whole with sky

XAIPE: 26       
First Line: Who sharpens every dull
Last Line: To reappear a moon

XAIPE: 27       
First Line: Summer is over
Last Line: More'cries:with a smile

XAIPE: 28       
First Line: Noone'autumnal this great lady's gaze
Last Line: So unimaginably young a star

XAIPE: 29       
First Line: Nine birds(rising
Last Line: Ly living the dying of glory

XAIPE: 3       
First Line: Purer than purest pure
Last Line: Silence begins a star

XAIPE: 30       
First Line: Snow means that
Last Line: (whylaughing!Among:skydiamonds

XAIPE: 31       
First Line: Infinite jukethrob smoke & swallow to dis
Last Line: It's snowing isn't that perfectly wonderful

XAIPE: 32       
First Line: Blossoming are people
Last Line: Dance around the snowman

XAIPE: 33       
First Line: If a cheerfulest elephantangelchild should sit
Last Line: Love only has ever been,is,and will ever be,so

XAIPE: 34       
First Line: A thrown a
Last Line: Cl(tr)in(ee)gi- %ng

XAIPE: 35       
First Line: Light's lives lurch a once world quickly from rises
Last Line: Total exploding millionminded who

XAIPE: 36       
First Line: Quick I the death of thing
Last Line: Less who than love

XAIPE: 37       
First Line: F is for foetus(a
Last Line: Honey sworkey mollypants

XAIPE: 38       
First Line: Why must itself up every of a park
Last Line: You doesn't take your choice. Ain't freedom grand

XAIPE: 39       
First Line: Open his head,baby
Last Line: & you'll find his mind in it %(dead

XAIPE: 4       
First Line: This out of within itself moo
Last Line: Ly glad old unman who is eye

XAIPE: 40       
First Line: I'm
Last Line: Why because %I am %dead

XAIPE: 41       
First Line: Whose are these(wraith a clinging with a wraith
Last Line: Of an angel named imagination

XAIPE: 42       
First Line: Neither awake
Last Line: (in real the rain

XAIPE: 43       
First Line: O to be in finland
Last Line: Uncle shylock not interested

XAIPE: 44       
First Line: Where's jack was
Last Line: (rub-her-bub) %bub? %(bubs

XAIPE: 45       
First Line: When your honest redskin toma
Last Line: Quoth the palmist

XAIPE: 46       
First Line: A kike is the most dangerous
Last Line: It comes both prigged and canted

XAIPE: 47       
First Line: Meet mr universe(who clean
Last Line: Who made the world's best one hand snatch

XAIPE: 48       
First Line: &(all during the
Last Line: T)one rose opened

XAIPE: 49       
First Line: This is a rubbish of human rind
Last Line: Are as lost as you'll find

XAIPE: 5       
First Line: Swim so now million many worlds in each
Last Line: Only are quite what worlds merely might be

XAIPE: 51       
First Line: Who were so dark of heart they might not speak
Last Line: Is not so as a little innocence

XAIPE: 52       
First Line: To start,to hesitate;to stop
Last Line: We spill our masterpiece

XAIPE: 53       
First Line: Mighty guest of merely me
Last Line: #name?

XAIPE: 54       
First Line: Maybe god
Last Line: Agree)not happened(and floating- %ly into %o

XAIPE: 55       
First Line: (fea
Last Line: So %!F! %te %r?N %oo %ne

XAIPE: 56       
First Line: A lik a
Last Line: Silent more no %be

XAIPE: 57       
First Line: (im)c-a-t(mo
Last Line: Hing had,ever happ %ene %d

XAIPE: 58       
First Line: After screamgroa
Last Line: Creang %roami %ngis

XAIPE: 59       
First Line: The little horse is newly
Last Line: Wing)silence,who; %is:some %one

XAIPE: 6       
First Line: Dying is fine)but death
Last Line: (forgive us,o life!The sin of death

XAIPE: 60       
First Line: (nothing whichful about
Last Line: And nothing %ignoble %)everywhere wonder

XAIPE: 61       
First Line: If(touched by love's own secret)we,like homing
Last Line: Colossal hoax of clocks and calendars
Subject(s): Impostors And Imposture

XAIPE: 62       
First Line: In
Last Line: Smile)comes %nobody'll know

XAIPE: 63       
First Line: Honour corruption villainy holiness
Last Line: Nothing's own nothing children go of dust

XAIPE: 64       
First Line: The of an it ignoblest he
Last Line: For it or he is one

XAIPE: 65    Poem Text    
First Line: I thank you god for most this amazing
Subject(s): Holidays; Thanksgiving; Time; War

XAIPE: 65       
First Line: I thank you god for most this amazing
Last Line: Now the eyes of my eyes are opened
Subject(s): Holidays; Thanksgiving; Time; War

XAIPE: 66       
First Line: The great advantage of being alive
Last Line: For love are in you am in I are in we

XAIPE: 67       
First Line: When faces called flowers float out of the ground
Last Line: (all the mountains are dancing;are dancing
Subject(s): Play

XAIPE: 68       
First Line: Love our so right
Last Line: He's I he's I

XAIPE: 69       
First Line: Now all the fingers of this tree(darling)have
Last Line: My blossoming)for also then's until

XAIPE: 7       
First Line: We miss you,jack - tactfully you(wish one cocked
Last Line: Aberdeen plato-rabelais peter jack

XAIPE: 70       
First Line: Blue the triangular why
Last Line: Sidewalk blossoming glory

XAIPE: 71       
First Line: Luminous tendril of celestial wish
Last Line: Illimitable secret of begin

XAIPE: 8       
First Line: O
Last Line: Nt %o %n %o %w(he)re

XAIPE: 9       
First Line: Possibly thrice we glimpsed more likely twice
Last Line: A human being -let's remember that

Cummings, Mary E.   
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B...I...N...G... OH DARN!       
First Line: The caller shouts n-39'