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Author: dierx,
Matches Found: 8

Dierx, Leon   
8 poems available by this author

ADIEU    Poem Text    
First Line: You for whom love is a plaything, you
Last Line: Light heart, empty heart, adieu! Go!
Subject(s): Farewell; Parting

First Line: Since love is but a game to you

HOME FROM THE PARTY    Poem Text    
First Line: Love is the master, the mistress, occasion!
Last Line: Whose mute command we silently obey.
Subject(s): Charm; Love

First Line: Ce matin, nul rayon n'a penetre la brume

LINES    Poem Text    
First Line: The gods are deaf. Heaven sees us not
Last Line: Nor grave nor bullet solace bring.

OCTOBER EVENING    Poem Text    
First Line: A tremor slides from the hill-slopes down to the plains
Last Line: Whirls and falls on paths that no feet tread.
Subject(s): Evening; October; Sunset; Twilight

THE VISION OF EVE    Poem Text    
First Line: Three years their leaves on eden's smirch had shed
Last Line: Two streams of gold o'er thee their radiance threw.
Subject(s): Adam & Eve; Bible; Eden; God; Love; Women; Eve

WINTER DAY    Poem Text    
First Line: This morning not one beam cleaves the cloud-blind
Last Line: Then ponder on sleep and dark funerëal!
Subject(s): Grief; Soul; Winter; Sorrow; Sadness