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Author: parker, theodore
Matches Found: 5

Parker, Theodore    Poet's Biography
5 poems available by this author

First Line: In darker [or, darkest] days and nights of storm
Subject(s): Religion

JESUS (1)    Poem Text    
First Line: Jesus, there is no dearer name than thine
Last Line: Nor our weak orbs look through immensity.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

JESUS (2)    Poem Text    
First Line: O thou great friend to all sons of men
Last Line: To uplift their bleeding brothers from the dust.
Variant Title(s): The Way, The Truth, And The Life
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

First Line: O thou eternal one, may I commune
Last Line: Continual find me out, and make me clean %from all transgression, purified and blest
Variant Title(s): Adam's Morning Hymn In Paradise; Hymn Of Our First Parents; Morning Hymn; Morning Hymn Of Adam And Ev
Subject(s): Prayer

THE HIGHER GOOD    Poem Text    
First Line: Father, I will not ask for wealth or fame
Last Line: And lead still further on such as thy kingdom seek.
Subject(s): Prayer; Religion; Theology