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KEARSARGE AND ALABAMA, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text                
First Line: "it was early sunday morning, in the year of sixty-four"
Last Line: "hoist up the flag, and long may it waive, / god bless america, the home of the brave!"
Subject(s): "alabama (ship);american Civil War;cherbourg, France;kearsarge (ship);sea Battles;u.s. - History;winslow, John Ancrum (1811-1873);" Naval Warfare

THE ALABAMA, by MAURICE BELL    Poem Text                
First Line: She has gone to the bottom! The wrath of the tide
Last Line: And the brave ship that bore him to glory!
Subject(s): Alabama (ship); American Civil War; Sea Battles; United States - History; Naval Warfare

THE EAGLE AND THE VULTURE, by THOMAS BUCHANAN READ    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: In cherbourg roads the pirate lay
Last Line: "and for heroes like winslow is shouting, ""thank god!"
Subject(s): Alabama (ship); American Civil War; Cherbourg, France; Kearsarge (ship); Sea Battles; U.s. - History; Winslow, John Ancrum (1811-1873); Naval Warfare