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ENOUGH, by FORD MADOX FORD    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Long we'd sought for avalon
Last Line: The oars—yea, and yearned.
Alternate Author Name(s): Hueffer, Ford Hermann; Hueffer, Ford Madox
Subject(s): Avalon (legend); Sea; Ocean

KING HERMANDIAZ, by EDWARD ROBERT BULWER-LYTTON    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Then, standing by the shore, I saw the moon
Last Line: "that said or seemed to say, ""hail, hermandiaz!"
Alternate Author Name(s): Meredith, Owen; Lytton, 1st Earl Of; Lytton, Robert
Subject(s): Arthurian Legend; Sea Voyages; Avalon (legend); Arthur, King

LOST LANDS, by CHARLES HENRY MACKINTOSH    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: I have seen faery lands far out to sea
Last Line: And wonder, as I do, why they must wait!
Subject(s): Atlantis; Avalon (legend); Legends; Mythology - Classical

SONG OF APPLE-TREES, by WILLIAM SHARP    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Song of apple-trees, honeysweet and murmurous
Last Line: Avalon of the heart's desire, avalon of the hidden shores.
Alternate Author Name(s): Macleod, Fiona
Subject(s): Apple Trees; Avalon (legend); Desire; Dreams; Hearts; Singing & Singers; Trees; Nightmares

WOULD YOU RETURN?, by EDMUND CHARLES BLUNDEN    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Poppies never brighter shone, and never sweeter smelled the hay
Last Line: The sun pale peering at the shag-haired storm that swooped on avalon!
Alternate Author Name(s): Blunden, Edmund
Subject(s): Avalon (legend)