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BEETLE LIGHT; FOR DANIEL HILLEN, by MADELINE DEFREES    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Hornets collect on the side of the sun
Last Line: The exterminator. Very soon they will die.
Alternate Author Name(s): Mary Gilbert, Sister; De Frees, Madeline
Subject(s): Extermination & Exterminators; Insects; Light; Poetry & Poets; Bugs

KILLS BUGS DEAD, by HARRYETTE MULLEN    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Kills bugs dead. Redundancy is syntactical overkill.
Subject(s): Extermination & Exterminators; Social Commentaries

PLASTIC BEATITUDE, by LAURE-ANNE BOSSELAAR    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Our neighbors, the pazzotis, live in a long
Last Line: To their last temptation.
Subject(s): Blessings; Electricity; Extermination & Exterminators; Family Life; Insects; Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Neighbors; Toys; Women In The Bible; Relatives; Bugs; Virgin Mary