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A CRY FROM RUSSIA, by HERMINE SCHWED    Poem Text                
First Line: Brothers, my brothers-you that are free
Last Line: The days are long and bitter for me.
Subject(s): Jews; Jews - Persecution; Russia; Judaism; Soviet Union; Russians

BLOOD V. BULLION, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text                
First Line: "well then, it now appears you need my help"
Last Line: Hath a dog money?'' blood's response is-'nay!'
Subject(s): Jews;jews - Persecution;russia;tyranny & Tyrants; Judaism;soviet Union;russians

GOOD NIGHT, WORLD, by JACOB GLATSTEIN    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
Last Line: It cries in me, the joy of coming
Alternate Author Name(s): Glatshteyn, Yankev; Gladstone, Jacob
Subject(s): Jews - Persecution

ISRAEL IN RUSSIA, by ARTHUR GUITERMAN    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Thou art but one! O god to whom we bow
Last Line: "father! Forgive them!"
Subject(s): Jews; Jews - Persecution; Right To Asylum; Russia; Judaism; Soviet Union; Russians

First Line: Kalich, thou of the dark and brooding face
Last Line: Concentrate, makes the genius-gift we know!
Subject(s): Jews; Jews - Persecution; Tragedy; Judaism

LYNCHING, by BERISH WEINSTEIN    Poem Source                
First Line: White wild hands snare you with a stray rope
Last Line: In wedding, in leopoldstadt and in carolina
Subject(s): Jews - Persecution; Lynching; Racism

ON THE PERSECUTION OF THE JEWS IN RUSSIA, by PAUL HAMILTON HAYNE    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: What murmurs are these that so wofully rise
Last Line: Who rules -- heaven help them! Those realms of the czar!
Subject(s): Jews - Persecution; Russia - Pogroms

SONG OF THE YELLOW PATCH, by H. LEYVIK    Poem Source                
First Line: How does it look, the yellow patch
Last Line: Lies the land, the forbidden land
Subject(s): Jews - Persecution

THE GHETTO-JEW, by ISRAEL GOLDBERG    Poem Text                
First Line: I marked in the midst of the glittering throng
Last Line: A jeer be the last of its pages?
Alternate Author Name(s): Learsi, Rufus
Subject(s): History; Jews; Jews - Persecution; Memory; Old Age; Historians; Judaism

THE JEWISH SOLDIER (2), by ALICE LUCAS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Hard by the walls of plevna, not fifty yards away
Last Line: And on gatschina's palace forevermore they lie.
Alternate Author Name(s): Montefiore, Julia
Subject(s): Exiles; Jews; Jews - Persecution; Russia; Judaism; Soviet Union; Russians

THE MAGIC WORDS, by MELVIN G. WINSTOCK    Poem Text                
First Line: The scene of conflict was a level plain
Last Line: And wept. The soldier now, alas! Was dead.
Subject(s): Hebrew Literature; Jews; Jews - Persecution; Right To Asylum; Judaism

THE MASSACRE OF THE JEWS AT YORK, by MARION MOSS    Poem Text                
First Line: There is an old and stately hall
Last Line: The self-devoted victims sung—halleluyah!
Subject(s): Israel; Jews; Jews - Persecution; Massacres; Judaism

First Line: When strife is rampant in the world
Last Line: And lead them to the golden gate.
Subject(s): Jews; Jews - Persecution; Judaism

THE VISION OF HIS PEOPLE, by LEON GORDON    Poem Text                
First Line: Ere yet the morn in glory rose
Last Line: I saw my people—horrid sight!
Subject(s): Dreams; Jews; Jews - Persecution; Nightmares; Judaism