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THE VIGILANTES, by MARGARET ELIZA ASHMUN    Poem Text                
First Line: We are the whirlwinds that winnow the west
Last Line: We are justice, and right, and the law!
Subject(s): Cowboys; Justice; Ranch Life; Vigilantes; West (u.s.); Southwest; Pacific States

TRAVELS OF A VIGILANTE, by ANDREI CODRESCU    Poem Source                
First Line: Here it is: a thousand miles
Last Line: Well, time for more of the same
Subject(s): Vigilantes

TWO MEXICANOS LYNCHED IN SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA MAY 3, 1877, by MARTIN ESPADA    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: More than the moment when forty gringos vigilantes
Last Line: From the shade of bowler hats, but all %crowding into the photograph
Subject(s): Hispanic Americans; Lynching; Vigilantes

VIGILANTES, by GERALD COSTANZO    Poem Source                
First Line: There was a time in
Subject(s): Vigilantes