plogo orig new3When you are in the mood to read classic or contemporary poetry, you shouldn’t have to waste time browsing the Internet to find what you’re looking for. Use PoetryExplorer as a way to access the works of your favorite poets, meaning you will spend less time searching and more time enjoying the fruits of human expression.

Of all the poetry websites on the web, you won’t find any place easier than PoetryExplorer to gain quick access to the works of classic and contemporary poetry. All you have to do is type the name of the poet and work into the corresponding search bars, and voila! You’ll be reading beautiful poetry in no time.

Connect with Classic and Contemporary Poems for the First Time

What’s more, PoetryExplorer can be used as an excellent resource for connecting with poets and poems you have yet to encounter. Simply choose a subject to direct the search and you will gain access to poetry from approximately 10,000 distinct headings.

Unique Features. PoetryExplorer is the largest collection of full text classic and contemporary poems in any medium. And it is free to all users! Poems are analyzed for subject content and for similarity and possible connection to other poems in the collection. As a result, PoetryExplorer provides several unique and important uses:

1. PoetryExplorer contains over 1 million poems, including 150,000 full text poems, and over 900,000 poem citations (author, title, first and last lines, and subject headings).

2. Subject access. Over 10,000 distinct subject headings can be searched. Searches for individual subjects can be made in the box on the Home page. In the tab Subject Discovery, specific subjects are arranged in general categories so as to facilitate “drill down” searches. For example, tap People on the top level which produces a long list of secondary general groups, including Military Figures; tap it and you will get poems for over 260 military personages.

3. Poems of possible interest. Each searched poem result will list other poems in the collection which are relevant.



Poems are included in PoetryExplorer only if they have been previously published in print format (books, journals, but not vanity publications). We do not solicit unpublished poetry. This policy is an attempt to limit our content to a basic if not faultless credible standard.