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Tess Gallagher (born July 21, 1943) is an American poet, essayist, author, and playwright. Her work is well-regarded for its emotional nuance, exploration of the domestic sphere, and its focus on the Pacific Northwest, where she was born and raised.

Literary Background

Tess Gallagher was born in Port Angeles, Washington. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington, a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa, and a Master of Arts from the University of Washington. She later studied creative writing under Theodore Roethke and later, Nelson Bentley.

Early Influences

Gallagher's early influences include the rich landscapes and cultural experiences of the American Northwest, which have permeated her writing. The death of her father when she was just a teenager had a profound impact on her life and subsequently on her poetry, as themes of loss and grief became central to her work.

Poetic Schools or Movements

While Gallagher is not typically associated with any specific school or movement, her work is often characterized by its stark realism and intimate reflections on life, love, and loss. Her poetry is known for its clear imagery, precise language, and emotional depth, often reflecting the influence of the confessional poetry movement.

Poetic Oeuvre: Phases and Themes

Gallagher’s poetic oeuvre is marked by personal loss and remembrance, human connection, and a deep engagement with the natural world. Her poetry often revolves around the daily lives and struggles of individuals, weaving the universal themes of love, mortality, and grief into the fabric of the commonplace.

Her work includes collections such as "Instructions to the Double," "Willingly," and "Moon Crossing Bridge." The latter is particularly noteworthy as it deals with the loss of her husband, the short story writer Raymond Carver, offering a poignant look at bereavement and recovery.


Gallagher’s influence is seen in the emotional honesty of her poetry and prose. She has contributed significantly to the literary world as an advocate for the power of poetry to heal and transcend personal loss. She has also been influential in maintaining and promoting the literary legacy of Raymond Carver after his death.


Throughout her career, Gallagher has received numerous accolades for her literary work, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, the Maxine Cushing Gray Foundation Award, and a National Endowment for the Arts award. Her work has been recognized for its contribution to American letters and its deep humanistic insights.


Tess Gallagher’s work is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the capacity of poetry to address the most intimate and profound experiences of life. Her poetic and prosaic contributions continue to resonate with readers, offering solace and understanding through shared experiences of love, loss, and remembrance. Gallagher’s writing remains an important part of the American literary landscape, marked by its emotional depth and lyrical beauty.

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