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First Line: Child heart
Last Line: Would that my own heart could suffer it all!
Subject(s): Children; Childhood

Child heart,
Wild heart!
What can I bring you,
What can I sing you,
You who have come from a glory afar,
Called into Time from a secret star?

Fleet one,
Sweet one!
Whose was the wild hand
Shaped you in child-land,
Pouring the soul as a fearful fire,
Sending you forth at a dream's desire?

Strong child,
Song child!
Who can unravel
All your long travel
Out of the Mystery, birth after birth—
Out of the dim worlds deeper than Earth?

Mad thing,
Glad thing!
How will Life tame you?
How will God name you?
All that I know is that you are to me
Wind over water, star on the sea.

Dear heart,
Near heart!
Long is the journey,
Hard is the tourney:
Would I could be by your side if you fall—
Would that my own heart could suffer it all!

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