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First Line: Three sorrows, three invisible swords are nailed
Last Line: That vanquished spain and friendship and the gods.
Subject(s): Spanish-american War (1898)

Three sorrows, three invisible swords are nailed
In this cold heart, and all my hopes have failed.
First the gods perished to whom men had prayed
Cradled in fancy; them the truth betrayed,
Then time, the world, and ah! the fangs of lust
Embittered Love, and dragged it in the dust.
Last my sad country, 'mid a rabble's jeers,
Suffered the outrage of the treacherous years.
||Now|| too, high-meted soul, tho' stricken, proud
Enough for silence and the common shroud.
Bow; meet contented the ignoble odds
That vanquished Spain and Friendship and the Gods.

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