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FACADE: 22. ALONE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: The vast grey trees
Last Line: In the long avenue!
Subject(s): Solitude; Loneliness

THE vast grey trees
Float on the breeze --
Strings of grey pearls float
Vaguely from these,
And the Countess calls
To her two Pekinese --
(Korin's grey waterfalls --
Wave-like Chinoiseries).
Oh, this long avenue
Reaches for ever! . . .
"Are you still true
Though our lives dissever?"
The empty wind with the cat's voice sang
To the sun, as strange as the Admiral Yang,
Whose face is as flat as the notes
Of pianolas; whose hair is like black frigate boats --
There is nothing to give
And nothing to buy --
It is too late to live
And too late to die,
Since the sad spring came again
With its red lacquer buds and its pain,
And that chapeau chinois
The frizzed wind blew
(Piquant minois)
In the long avenue!

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