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BALLAD MADE AT THE REQUEST OF HIS MOTHER .. PRAY TO OUR LADY, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Heaven's lady! Regent of this world terrene
Last Line: And in this faith I mean to live and die.
Alternate Author Name(s): Montcorbier, Francois De
Subject(s): Mary. Mother Of Jesus; Mothers; Women - Bible; Virgin Mary


HEAVEN'S Lady! Regent of this world terrene--
Empress! who o'er hell's fiery lake dost reign--
Me, your poor suppliant (yet a Christian) screen,
And did me mingle with th' elected train.
Though aught of merit I should claim in vain,
Your merits, Lady! whom I serve and bless,
So great, they all outweigh my wickedness;
Without them could no mortal's soul rely
On gaining heaven. This I the truth confess,
And in this faith I mean to live and die.


O tell your Son that I have purchased been
By Him--by Him was cleansed my guilty stain,
As was th' Egyptian made by pardon clean;
And as Theophilus, the Clerk profane,
Who did his soul to Satan's bond enchain,
Grace through your intercession did possess.
Preserve me, that I never may regress;
Let me partake, O Virgin, pure and high,
Th' atoning sacrament of holiness;
And in this faith I mean to live and die.


I'm but a poor old woman, well I ween,
Nor nothing know, nor can the word explain;
Yet in the convent near my home have seen
Of Paradise depict the blest domain,
And hell, where burn the damned in endless pain:
The one affrights, one fills with happiness.
O Heavenly Queen, grant me to joys access;
Thou, to whom sinners must for mercy fly,
Increase my faith, deceit and sloth repress;
And in this faith I mean to live and die.


You bore, O Virgin, full of worthiness,
Jesus, whose reign we without end confess,
Th' Almighty, who assumed our mortal dress,
And to bring life to sinners left the sky:
Such is our Saviour--such we know and bless;
And in this faith I mean to live and die.

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