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BY THE PACIFIC, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: From this quaint cabin window I can see
Last Line: The heavy heart-beats of eternity.
Subject(s): Pacific Ocean

FROM this quaint cabin window I can see
The strange, vague line of ghostly driftwood, though
No ray of silver moon or soft star-glow
Steals through the summer night's solemnity.
Pale forms drive landward and wild figures flee
Like spectres up the shore; I hear the slow,
Firm tread of marching billows which I know
Will walk beside the years that are to be.
Sweet, gentle sleep is banished from mine eyes;
I lie and think of wrecks until the sobs
And groans of drowning sailors, lost at sea,
Come mingled with the gray gulls' plaintive cries
And those tumultuous, incessant throbs --
The heavy heart-beats of Eternity.

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