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First Line: I saw the first pear
Last Line: I bring you as offering.
Alternate Author Name(s): H. D.; Aldington, Richard, Mrs.
Variant Title(s): Keeper Of The Orchards;priapus
Subject(s): Bible; Orchards

I saw the first pear
as it fell --
the honey-seeking, golden-banded,
the yellow swarm
was not more fleet that I,
(spare us from loveliness)
and I fell prostrate
you have flayed us
with your blossoms,
spare us the beauty
of fruit-trees.

The honey-seeking
paused not,
the air thundered their song,
and I alone was prostrate.

O rough-hewn
god of the orchard,
I bring you an offering --
do you, alone unbeautiful,
son of the god,
spare us from loveliness:

these fallen hazel-nuts,
stripped late of their green sheaths,
grapes, red-purple,
their berries
dripping with wine,
pomegranates already broken,
and shrunken figs
and quinces untouched,
I bring you as offering.

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