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THE STORMING OF STONY POINT [JULY 16, 1779], by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Highlands of hudson! Ye saw them pass
Last Line: "over the parapet, ""spear in hand!"
Subject(s): American Revolution; New York City - Revolutionary Period; Soldiers; Stony Point, Battle Of (1779); Wayne, Anthony (1745-1796)

HIGHLANDS of Hudson! ye saw them pass,
Night on the stars of their battle-flag,
Threading the maze of the dark morass
Under the frown of the Thunder Crag;

Flower and pride of the Light Armed Corps,
Trim in their trappings of buff and blue,
Silent, they skirted the rugged shore,
Grim in the promise of work to do.

"Cross ye the ford to the moated rock!
Let not a whisper your march betray!
Out with the flint from the musket lock!
Now! let the bayonet find the way!"

"Halt!" rang the sentinel's challenge clear.
Swift came the shot of the waking foe.
Bright flashed the axe of the Pioneer
Smashing the abatis, blow on blow.

Little they tarried for British might!
Lightly they recked of the Tory jeers!
Laughing, they swarmed to the craggy height,
Steel to the steel of the Grenadiers!

Storm King and Dunderberg! wake once more
Sentinel giants of Freedom's throne,
Massive and proud! to the Eastern shore
Bellow the watchword: "The fort's our own!"

Echo our cheers for the Men of old!
Shout for the Hero who led his band
Braving the death that his heart foretold
Over the parapet, "spear in hand!"

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