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EXCHANGE, by            
First Line: God ever guard the memory
Last Line: And breasts that touched, and lips that met.
Alternate Author Name(s): Abu Jafar Ahmad Ibn Said

Abu Jaafar the poet was in love with Hafsa, and sent her
the following poem:

God ever guard the memory
Of that fair night, from censure free,
Which hid two lovers, you and me,
Deep in Mu'ammal's poplar-grove;
And, as the happy hours we spent,
There gently wafted a sweet scent
From flowering Nejd, all redolent
With the rare fragrance of the clove.

High in the trees a turtle-dove
Sang rapturously of our love,
And boughs of basil swayed above
A gently murmuring rivulet;
The meadow quivered with delight
Beholding such a joyous sight,
The interclasp of bodies white,
And breasts that touched, and lips that met.

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