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THE DOVE, by                    
First Line: Naught disturbed my tranquil mood
Last Line: Whither? Ah, I do not know.
Alternate Author Name(s): Abu L-hasan Ali Ibn Hisn
Subject(s): Doves

Naught disturbed my tranquil mood
Save a dove, that softly cooed
On his lonely branch, supreme
Over island, over stream.

Collar of pistachio,
Throat embroidered silk aglow,
Turquoise-blue his bosom's sash,
Back and wing-tips all of ash.

Pearly lashes necklace-wise
Ringed the rubies of his eyes,
And his brow was chapleted
With a slender golden thread.

Sword-sharp was his beak, and white,
But its tip was jet as night,
Like a pen of silver dipped
Into ink, and sable-tipped.

Cushioned on his twig alone
Like a monarch on a throne,
Neck inclined, and burrowing
In his soft and folded wing.

When he saw my tears aflow
(And my weeping moved him so)
Startled, he ascended now
To the topmost leafy bough.

There his outspread wings he shook,
Clapping feathers as he took
With my heart the air, to go
Whither? Ah, I do not know.

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