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JUST A-RIDIN'!, by                    
First Line: Oh, for me a horse and saddle
Last Line: And a snowdrift in your hair.
Subject(s): Animals; Cowboys; Horses; Ranch Life; West (u.s.); Southwest; Pacific States

OH, for me a horse and saddle
Every day without a change;
With the desert sun a-blazin'
On a hundred miles o' range,

Just a-ridin', just a-ridin',
Desert ripplin' in the sun,
Mountains blue along the skyline,—
I don't envy anyone.

When my feet are in the stirrups
And my horse is on the bust;
When his hoofs are flashin' lightnin'
From a golden cloud o' dust;
And the bawlin' of the cattle
Is a-comin' down the wind,—
Oh, a finer life than ridin'
Would be mighty hard to find,

Just a-ridin', just a-ridin',
Splittin' long cracks in the air,
Stirrin' up a baby cyclone,
Rootin' up the prickly pear.

I don't need no art exhibits
When the sunset does his best,
Paintin' everlastin' glories
On the mountains of the west.
And your operas look foolish
When the night bird starts his tune
And the desert's silver-mounted
By the kisses of the moon,

Just a-ridin', just a-ridin',
I don't envy kings nor czars
When the coyotes down the valley
Are a-singin' to the stars.

When my earthly trail is ended
And my final bacon curled,
And the last great round up's finished
At the Home Ranch of the world,
I don't want no harps or haloes,
Robes or other dress-up things,—
Let me ride the starry ranges
On a pinto horse with wings,

Just a-ridin', just a-ridin',
Splittin' chunks o' wintry air,
With your feet froze to your stirrups
And a snowdrift in your hair.

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