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CHRISTMAS LULLABY, by            
First Line: Little girl, little boy, your wondering eyes
Last Line: Hearts of the world...Now sleep!
Subject(s): Christmas; Nativity, The

Little girl, little boy, your wondering eyes
Deep-lashed are drooping to sleep,
Deep in the Faith from the North Pole skies
Santa will come ere the midnight flies
And nothing, no nothing shall keep --
He is coming, my dear, in the same old way
Driving eight reindeer in his little red sleigh --
Towsy now -- dowsy now -- sleep!

Little girl, little boy, in the land of dreams
There is no make-believe nor a single 'it seems'
Red is his coat and red is his pack
Red is his cap, his boots -- they are black!
Bound all around with fur white as snow!
He is snuggled and warm, though storm-blizzards blow;
O nothing -- no nothing shall keep --
His boots snick him down the chimney 'snick'!
As he chucks a low chuckle -- oh dear Santa Nick
O! dollies and drums and real sugar plums!
We don't see him, nor hear him, but know that he comes
Then his boots whick him up the chimney 'whick'!
And he chucks a low chuckle and bye Santa Nick!
Dowsy now -- drowsy now -- sleep!

Hearts of the world! smoldering low
Tear-dry, too weary to weep
He is the Saint of Love...he is coming, I know
Sad is his heart for Love must know woe
But nothing -- no nothing shall keep --
Your Faith holding true...Oh Love suffers long
Soon you shall wake to a glad Angel's song!
Hearts of the world...now sleep!

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