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GOLDFISH BOWL, by            
First Line: I dreamed one night the goldfish bowl
Last Line: And then, of course, I woke.
Subject(s): Dreams; Fish & Fishing; Nightmares; Anglers

I dreamed one night the goldfish bowl
Became a choppy sea,
And all the fish with gaping mouths
Were swimming after me.

They floated up like gold balloons
With staring goggle eyes.
I counted eighty finny tails
In every shocked surprise.

"You bent a pin and fished for me,"
The largest goldfish said.
I couldn't breathe I felt so scared,
Or even shake my head.

I thought he meant to gulp me down
Like Jonah did the whale.
Instead, he flapped a fin and cried:
"Now watch his face grow pale!"

The others swam around and laughed:
One gave a nosy poke.
I drew a breath and screamed with fear,
And then, of course, I woke.

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