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PEARLS OF THE FAITH: 51. ASH-SHAHID, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The spirits of the prophets came at morn
Last Line: The errand that thy children bear.
Subject(s): God; Islam

Aah-Shahîd! God is "Witness!" and He took
Witness of us, ye people of the Book!

The spirits of the Prophets came at morn
To Sinai, summoned by their Lord's command,
Singers and seers;—those born and those unborn,
The chosen souls of men, a solemn band.

The noble army ranged, in viewless might,
Around that mountain peak which pierces heaven;
Greater and lesser teachers, sons of light;
Their number was ten thousand score and seven.

Then Allah took a covenant with His own,
Saying, "My wisdom and My word receive;
Speak of me unto men, known or unknown,
Heard or unheard; bid such as will, believe."

"And there shall come apostles, guiding ye,
Jesus, Muhammad: follow them and aid!
Are you resolved, and will you war for Me!"
"We are resolved, oh, Lord of all!" they said.

"Bear witness, then!" spake Allah, "souls most dear,
I am your Lord and ye heralds of Mine."
Thenceforward through all lands His Prophets bear
The message of the mystery divine.

Allah-ash-Shahîd! make us hear
The errand that Thy children bear.

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