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THE HAPPY NIGHTINGALE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Melodious creature, happy in thy choice!
Last Line: Compar'd to mine, thy happiness is most complete.
Subject(s): Birds; Happiness; Nightingales; Joy; Delight

MELODIOUS creature, happy in thy choice!
That sitting on a bough
Dost sing, 'Dear mate, my dear, come to me now';
And she obeys thy voice.
Ah, could my songs such bliss procure!
For mine could Cynthia ne'er allure:

Nor have I wings like thee to fly,
But must neglected lie;
I cannot her to pity move,
She scorns my songs, and me:
While thou rejoicest all the grove
(As well thou may'st) with melody,
For thou art happy in thy love.

No creature e'er could boast a perfect state,
Unless to thee it may belong,
Since Nature lib'rally supplies
All thy infirmities,
To thy weak organs gave a pow'rful song;
Tho' small in size, thou art in Fortune great,
Compar'd to mine, thy happiness is most complete.

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