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A LOVE-MESSAGE, by            
First Line: Upon the day I meet thee face to face
Last Line: And pause in hushed and silent ecstasy.
Subject(s): Love - Beginnings; Singing & Singers; Songs

UPON the day I meet thee face to face
I shall have much to tell thee, for my part;
And thou, dear love, with wise and tender grace
Wilt listen to the story of my heart.

I shall not speak of countless ages past,
Of stars and planets where I sought in vain
My song amid their music sweet and vast,
And missed it with a subtle sense of pain.

I shall not tell thee how it fled from me
Through births and deaths and spaces lone and far,
And evermore through Being's tidal sea
I followed still my song's on-beck'ning star.

I shall not tell thee e'en one word of this, --
Perhaps in mine own self I shall not know,
Such pain will flee for aye at thy first kiss,
As summer's sunshine melts the weeping snow.

But I shall sing my song, mine own true song, --
My heart shall sing it at the sight of thee,
Until the list'ning angels nearer throng,
And pause in hushed and silent ecstasy.

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