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SMOKE, by            
First Line: Wild fantasies of blissful peace perturb my soul
Last Line: What a day!
Subject(s): Dreams; Peace; Smoking; Nightmares; Tobacco; Pipes; Cigars; Cigarettes

Wild fantasies of blissful peace perturb my soul.
My heart is pregnant with yearning desires
For that Utopia of understanding minds,
That consciousness of what one can give,
And of what one may take.
Ah, then there would be love and good fellowship.
No fear of brethren.
An end to misery.
An end to lust and greed.
An end to war for lives.
'Twould be a fitting conclusion to the shuffling gait
Of prostitutes on hard pavements.
O, those cruel, hard pavements,
And worn-down heels.
There would be food for the hungry.
And water for them who thirst.
Green grass, on which to lie and smoke cigarettes,
Reading Schnitzler or Ibsen.
He, in his intrinsic excellence for all things good,
Would send soft rain and consoling sunshine,
Even without prayers and candles in worship.

But we must not lie and smoke.
Art? For artists,
Beauty? For ecstatic idiots.

Oh, but let me dream.
What a day!

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