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OUT OF DARKNESS, by                
First Line: There is more in earth and heaven
Last Line: But we scarce have caught the gleam.
Subject(s): Death; God; Heaven; Immortality; Soul; Dead, The; Paradise

THERE is more in earth and heaven
Than we've ever dared to dream,
Knowledge yet has not been given, —
We have only caught its gleam;
All the race's strife and sorrow
Has but dimly lit the way
Toward the goal of God's to-morrow,
To the shining perfect day.

Truth about us like an ocean
Waits for brave Balboa's eyes,
Force that keeps the stars in motion
Longs to leap in enterprise;
Strange frail magi here have hovered
On the earth through time untold,
Waiting but to be discovered
And turn common things to gold.

Virtue sighs of some Aladdin
Who will bring her stores to light;
Justice, God's most radiant maiden,
Prays for men to give her sight;
Art, the century-sleeping beauty,
Dreams of days when she will wake,
And the trodden goddess Duty
Of the battles for her sake.

Not of wondrous earth-things only
Have we been too blind to see,
Man's immortal soul is lonely
For the truth which makes it free;
Yet its own white-visioned story
Waits the prophet and the dream,
God has given it a glory
But we scarce have caught the gleam.

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