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THE SINGLE ERROR, by                    
First Line: I may be a miser
Last Line: That I've let myself go on my hats.
Subject(s): Magic

I may be a miser,
A scheming deviser,
At keeping the grocery bill down;
I may be a wizard,
A slithering lizard
In getting through traffic downtown;
I exercise magic
Avoiding the tragic
Disaster of baking too brown;
I'm really quite clever
In wearing forever
Old shoes or a made-over gown;
But -- I let myself go on my hats.

I try to be patient,
I'm never complacent,
In dressing, I seldom am slow.
I never talk nonsense,
I'm the very quintessence
Of feminine charm. And also
I diet in silence
With strictest compliance
To all his desires; although
When he stares at me boldly,
Contemptuously, coldly,
With looks of dismay, then I know
That I've let myself go on my hats.

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