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OUR SCARLET KING, by            
First Line: He comes along the great highway
Last Line: "and hail -- ""our scarlet king."
Subject(s): Schools; Students

HE comes along the great highway
In scarlet coat and crown,
And high the shrilling trumpets bray
And fierce his lancers frown.
Bright scarlet is his royal crest;
Bright scarlet shines his royal vest;
Oh! pr'ythee canst thou bring
A knight more nobly known and dressed
Than this, our Scarlet King.

See how he throws his largess gold
Into the bending trees.
He doth the forest walls enfold
In purple tapestries.
He giveth all a majesty;
He holds in fief the shore, the sea;
Oh! pr'ythee come and sing
A song, and sing it merrily
To him, our Scarlet King.

Past crypt and wayside canopy,
Beyond each blosmy throne,
Full fleetly speed his heralds free
To make his advent known.
His scarlet banners bend and blow;
Our scarlet vintages shall flow;
And pr'ythee with us sing,
That proud October all may know
And hail -- "our Scarlet King."

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