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First Line: Keats was an unbeliever,' - so they read
Last Line: "he made ""believing"" possible for us."
Subject(s): Agnosticism; Beauty; Keats, John (1795-1821); Poetry & Poets; Religion; Theology

"Keats was not a believer"
-- Biographical Sketch

"KEATS was an unbeliever," -- so they read.
The critic's words defame the poet's soul;
Nature and Life as one stupendous whole
He traced to the source. Thereof a Fountainhead:
His worship was where light enshrined the head
Of Beauty: -- for true love and wisdom stole
From God to man within her aureole,
And God's elect but followed where she lead.
Of God's elect was Keats: his earthly duty
To sing again the music of creation;
That first of all, God's dream of life was Beauty;
That Beauty is the seed of all salvation : --
Holiest of all unbelievers, thus,
He made "Believing" possible for us.

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